Palm Jumeirah gateway towers

Point cloud laser scans to BIM models

How Cresire assisted a leading BIM consulting company in UAE with developing BIM models using point cloud laser scans


The Palm Jumeirah Gateway BIM project required development of BIM models using point cloud laser scans. A total area of 376,676 m² was scanned for 25 floors. Including the podium and beachfront, it is situated on Plot No. PJGW01 at the entrance of Palm Jumeirah on Al Sufouh road in Dubai. The development of BIM models involved building three buildings on top of an existing auto parking podium (1 basement and 14 stories), together with a beach club, shops, restaurants, and fitness facilities. It consists of three towers: the Central Tower, which has a basement, ground floor, fourteen parking levels, and thirty-four floors plus roof; the Tubular Tower, which has a basement, ground floor, fourteen parking levels, and forty-six floors plus roof; and the Beach Tower, which has a basement, ground floor, and fourteen parking levels. CRESIRE was appointed as a sub-contractor for BIM consulting in the Architectural, Structural & MEP disciplines.

Cresire used Recap Pro and Revit software for developing Revit models for 25 floors. 10 floors were typical. The total Revit modeling Area was 208,860 m².



Number of Floors : 25 floors
Service : Point cloud to Building Information Models

software used


point cloud to bim

Area Modeled : 208,860 m²
Production Time : 1 Month

Client Description

A leading BIM consulting company in UAE. The client shared the laser scans of the towers with CRESIRE. The client required BIM models of 25 floors in architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines. The project got quite challenging as the client required the BIM models in less than 2 months.
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feedback on palm jumeirah gateway towers from cresire

Devashish Sharma

Devashish is the Founder & Director at Cresire. He took the lead role in directing the project. From client engagement till quality assessment, he was actively part of each phase of the project. “The Palm Jumeirah project was a perfect example of maintaining the cost-time-quality of a BIM project.. This was quite a challenging task for such a big area. Kudos to our BIM team for delivering 25 level BIM models in Architectural, Structural and MEP discipline within 2 months. The client’s team was quite collaborative and was prompt with arranging meetings with us to discuss the project details. It was genuinely a great experience working on an international project like Palm Jumeirah where the latest digital technologies were implemented and used”

word from project manager


BIM Manager

Vishal was the appointed project manager, who possessed strong leadership and BIM skills. He managed the team of BIM modelers in Architectural, Structural and MEP discipline and delivered the project within agreed project timeline.

“Working on the Palm Jumeirah Gateway project was a great opportunity. I was glad to have a dedicated team who worked really hard to make the deliveries on time.”


The point cloud laser scans of floors 1–5 were initially examined by the CRESIRE team. Levels 1-5 served as parking podiums. Creating conceptual Revit models for the architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines was the first step our team took. To make sure that CRESIRE and the Client’s team were on the same page, there were numerous review sessions. Every architectural, structural, and MEP detail that was visible in the point cloud scans was modeled in Revit.

The 6–11 point cloud laser scans of the floor were examined initially by the CRESIRE team. These were common floor layouts on these levels. The majority of this was MEP Revit modeling work. The first assignment for our group was to create Revit models for level 6. It was referred to in the levels above. Each floor had a separate MEP detailing. The client received the Architectural & Structural and MEP models separately.

CRESIRE’s team scrutinized the point cloud laser scans of floors 12-16 initially. Level 12 and level 13 were parking podiums. Our team started developing conceptual Revit models in the Architectural, Structural, and MEP discipline. There were multiple review meetings to ensure that CRESIRE and the Client’s team were on the same page. We modeled every architectural, structural, and MEP detail, demonstrated in the point cloud scans, in Revit.

The CRESIRE team first looked at the floor’s 16–25 point cloud laser scans. These levels were typical floor plans. This included primarily MEP Revit modeling work. Our team’s first task was to produce Revit models for level 16. Used it as a reference for the levels above. The MEP detailing was different on each floor. Architectural & Structural and MEP models were delivered separately to the client.



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