Point cloud Modeling on a Plant Engineering (MEP) Project

Client Description

Software Consulting company based in United Kingdom

Business requirements

  • 5 Point cloud models of a plant engineering project
  • Reviewing & understanding E57 scans of a plant with complex MEP & structural components for Point Cloud Modeling.
  • Developing detailed LOD 400 Revit models using the scanned data
  • Delivering project within 2 weeks

Purpose of Point cloud modeling output

Closely reviewing the minute MEP and structural details of the plant
Sharing the Point cloud 3D model for sharing with the end client for integrating proposed design changes


Software applications for Scan to BIM modeling


Project challenges

Our approach for Point cloud modeling services

Arranging a video conference with the client

Requesting scanned data in E57, RCP or RCS format

Understanding the required level of detail (LOD) for point cloud modeling

Confirming the format of the final deliverable i.e., SAT, RVT, DWG etc.
Developing a conceptual Revit model using the provided point cloud scans
Making changes to the point cloud model in response to suggestions and comments from the client
Detailed point cloud to 3D model conversion
Quality check and assessment of the Point cloud to revit model

Delivering the final Point cloud to 3D model to client

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Value added through Scan to BIM services

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Cresire is a BIM outsourcing Company, offering Point cloud modeling, Scan to BIM and Point Cloud to AutoCAD Conversion Services in a range of different sectors. We have experienced BIM modeling and CAD drafters with diverse experience of working on including commercial, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, and residential projects. The leadership team of Cresire is substantial and has a significant amount of experience working in the construction industries across international borders. In countries such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia etc, we consult architectural, engineering, construction firms and specialists with BIM outsourcing services. For more information email us at enquiry@cresireconsulting.com



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