Rise in Adoption of BIM 360 Project Management at the Global Level

Explore the growing Global Trend of adopting BIM 360 Project Management. Discover benefits in enhancing construction processes efficiency.


Understanding the Basic of BIM 360 Project Management

As the name suggests, BIM 360 Project Management is a process of managing a construction project using advanced building information modeling tools and workflows. These tools include BIM 360, Revit, Navisworks, and BIM strategies (BEP, TIDP, PIP, MIP). Construction project management with BIM makes it easier for project management to effectively manage the project stakeholders, project timelines, materials, and site operations.

The tools used in BIM Construction Management are highly collaborative allowing each project stakeholder to access the relevant project information at different phases of a project. Beyond collaboration construction project management with BIM has the capability to minimize the cost and time overruns of a construction project.

This article discusses the growing trend of BIM 360 Project Management in the AEC industry across the globe, a market analysis of BIM Construction Management adoption in developed countries such as USA, UK, and UAE, and the major Benefits of Adopting BIM management.

Collaboration made Easier with BIM 360 Project Management

BIM 360 is Autodesk’s software for collaboration that is used for common data environments. It is a cloud-based software that allows all the project stakeholders to join the common data environment for file sharing, review work in progress (WIP), walkthrough and comment on the BIM models.

BIM 360 Project Management makes it easier for construction teams to collaborate. It serves as a focal point for everyone working on the project to share project information, such as drawings and documentation. 

Teams may follow work on-site, evaluate and coordinate their designs, and identify errors early on. Everyone can access the project data they require, communicate in real time, and guarantee project viability using BIM 360.

Below are some critical benefits of project management with BIM 360: 

  • Collaboration and Communication: BIM 360 offers centralized platform that enables real-time communication and collaboration amongst project stakeholders. Teams can collaborate and make better decisions when they can share and access project data, papers, and models.
  • Document Management: BIM 360 offers a cloud-based repository for all project-related data, enabling effective document management. As a result, mistakes and delays are reduced since the team always has access to the most recent versions of documents.
  • Design Review and Coordination: By providing capabilities for model viewing, clash detection, and problem tracking, BIM 360 project management promotes design review and coordination. It makes it possible for diverse teams to spot conflicts and clashes early on in the design process, minimizing rework and improving project quality.

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The Growing Trend of BIM 360 Project Management at a Global Level

The rising popularity of BIM project management worldwide may be attributed to a number of important factors. First off, BIM promotes greater cooperation and communication among project participants, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and owners, which enhances project outcomes. 

The design and building processes may be carried out more efficiently with BIM Project Management, which lowers costs and schedules. Additionally, BIM’s capacity for simulation and visualization of projects aids in the early detection and resolution of possible problems, reducing risks and rework.

The need for BIM is further fueled by the growing adoption of sustainable practices in the building sector. Since it makes energy analysis and optimization easier. The sum of these advantages ultimately presents Building Information Modeling project management as a disruptive strategy in construction. Fueling its widespread acceptance.

Adoption of BIM 360 Project Management in USA


Over the last ten years, there has been a substantial increase in the use of Building Information Modeling 360 project management services in USA. Industry statistics indicate that the adoption rate has consistently risen from around 28% in 2011 to about 71% in 2021.

Government efforts, industry standards, and the awareness of BIM’s capacity to improve cooperation, increase efficiency, and lower costs in building projects are just a few of the elements that have contributed to its fast acceptance.

The increasing rate of BIM adoption in USA indicates the growing value and acknowledgment of the technology within the construction sector. Also, hiring a BIM Consulting Company for developing workflows and BIM strategies help construction companies in reducing overhead and production costs.

Adoption of BIM 360 Project Management in UK

The use of BIM 360 project management services has advanced significantly over the past ten years in the UK’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) business across a variety of industries.

Since developers and contractors have realized that construction project management with BIM has the ability to expedite the design and construction processes, resulting in better quality and cost management, adoption has increased in the residential sector.

The adoption rate has also been progressively rising in the business sector. Large-scale commercial projects have proved helpful in utilizing BIM’s capacity to streamline collaboration across many disciplines and maximize space utilization. The usage of BIM has increased significantly in the infrastructure industry. The use of BIM on public infrastructure projects has been mandated by the government, and this has been a key factor in its adoption.

Infrastructure projects are now being delivered more quickly and cost-effectively because of BIM’s capacity to improve communication between designers, contractors, and operators. The use of BIM 360 project management in the healthcare and educational sectors has picked up steam.

Better collaboration between multiple stakeholders has been made possible by the use of BIM in the planning and building of hospitals, clinics, schools, and universities, resulting in optimized layouts and enhanced functioning.

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Adoption of BIM 360 Project Management in UAE

The usage of BIM 360 project management services has increased significantly over the past ten years in the UAE’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) business across a variety of industries.

Developers and contractors have adopted BIM in the residential sector to improve design coordination and speed up building procedures. The business sector has adopted BIM more frequently and is using it to manage facilities and complete projects quickly.

Government initiatives have pushed for the deployment of BIM Construction Management in the infrastructure industry, which has enhanced asset management and collaboration. The adoption of BIM in the healthcare and educational sectors has made it easier to combine complicated facility design, building, and operation, assuring optimal functionality. 

The AEC sector in the UAE has shown a strong commitment to utilizing BIM’s advantages for improved project outcomes.

The Gaps in the AEC industry that BIM 360 Project Management Fills

There are many gaps in the AEC industry that leads to cost and time overruns of construction projects. Time and cost overruns are prime concerns of a construction project that adversely impact not only the project stakeholders, and owners but also the GDP of countries.

Reasons for Cost and Time Overruns and How BIM 360 Project Management allows Eliminating their Gaps from the Construction Process

1. Lack of Communication

By offering a central platform for real-time information exchange, BIM 360 project management closes the gap in communication and cooperation among multiple stakeholders, promoting improved coordination.

2. Information Management

By offering a systematic method of organizing and accessing project data, Building Information Modeling 360 project management fills the gap in effective information management by ensuring that correct and current information is easily accessible to all stakeholders.

3. Design Errors

By empowering diverse teams to collaborate, identify disputes and clashes early on, and speed up the design review process, BIM construction management helps close the gap in design coordination.

4. Data-Driven Decision-Making

By offering insightful insights and analytics, BIM 360 project management addresses the gap in data-driven decision-making and enables project managers to make well-informed decisions based on precise and timely data.

Summing Up

The construction industry is evolving with the latest digital tools for effective project management. In the present day and age, medium and big-sized construction companies based in developed countries such as USA, UK, and UAE are adopting BIM 360 Project Management for achieving their project goals.

BIM 360 project management incorporates advanced modeling and simulation software such as Revit and Navisworks. Other than using advanced modeling and simulation software such as Revit and Navisworks, the project management BIM 360 tool is highly effective for superior collaboration, design coordination, and document management.

There is a significant rise in the use of BIM construction in the past 10 years. The report suggests that BIM adoption rates are over 40% in USA. Like USA, Countries such as UK and UAE are using BIM and project management in diverse sectors and industries. The Architectural, Engineering, and Construction sector in UAE has shown great adoption of BIM in the past 10 years.

There are still many gaps in the AEC industry that leads to cost and time overruns, which is a major concern. Cost and time overruns adversely affect the budget of owners, stakeholders and even the GDP of countries. Adopting BIM project management minimized the risk of cost and time overruns by incorporating superior design/information management, and collaboration tools.

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