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BIM Clash detection services at Global Level

We offer collision and BIM Clash Detection Services to AEC professionals and companies in USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Germany, and around the world. Our team of knowledgeable experts uses cutting-edge Revit clash detection software and BIM technologies to make sure that every project is carried out easily and effectively. 

We take great satisfaction in our attention to detail and our capacity to spot possible problems before they turn into major concerns. Our objective is to offer clients thorough, affordable solutions that improve project design development. 

Multi-Industry Revit BIM Clash Detection Services

We offer Revit Clash Detection and BIM Clash Report Services to AEC professionals in different industries and sectors. 

Our Cost-time-quality driven approach for Revit BIM clash detection Services

Fast BIM Clash Detection Proposals for Smooth Project Planning

Our navisworks clash detection services team offers quick and efficient proposal services to clients looking to streamline their project planning process. With our state-of-the-art clash detection technology, our experienced team can quickly analyze project data to identify potential clashes and provide detailed proposals for resolving them.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Revit Clash Detection Services

We offer cost-effective solutions that help clients identify and resolve BIM clashes quickly, minimizing costly delays and rework. Our cost driven services allow AEC professionals at global level to reduce their production costs to up to 40%.

Software Proficiency in BIM Clash Detection

Our Navisworks collision detection and Revit clash detection proficiency ensures accurate identification and resolution of clashes, streamlining project collaboration and enhancing efficiency. Our team is proficient in the latest Autodesk clash detection software, providing clients with the best possible solutions for their projects.

Global Teamwork Made Easy for Clash Detection

We foster global teamwork, uniting industry professionals worldwide to deliver successful Revit Collision Detection projects. Our collaborative approach and use of the latest BIM clash software ensure efficient communication and coordination, enhancing project outcomes and maximizing client satisfaction.

Our Powerful Software Solution for Revit BIM Clash Detection


Revit BIM Clash Detection Services for Seamless Project Execution

Improve Your Design Outcomes using BIM Revit Clash Detection Services

Efficient Revit BIM Clash Detection: Our Proven Process

Step 1
Exporting Revit models to NWC Format for BIM Clash Detection

Selecting discipline for Building Information Modeling Clash Detection. We also assist our clients with preparing the Revit models in Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines before the clash detection process. This helps our clients with superior design development and better control over the risk associated with the design process.

Step 2
Selecting Discipline for BIM Clash Detection

We upload the Revit models in Navisworks and select the discipline i.e., Architecture vs MEP, MEP vs Structure, etc. for clash detection. We specify the type (hard/soft) and required tolerances before running the clash detection test on Navisworks. This is a critical step for the conflict discovery process because the final BIM clash report generated is dependent on the parameters set during this stage.

Step 3
Generating BIM Clash Analysis

We generate a detailed BIM clash report, providing floor-wise BIM clashes between design components of the selected disciplines. We share this detailed report of conflict discovery with our clients along with the images of these clashes. This helps our clients with revising the design wherever necessary to avoid potential risks on site.


Why Partner with Cresire for Revit Clash Detection Services?

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

What is Clash Detection Report?

Clash detection report is a floor-wise summary of collisions between architectural, structural and MEP and operational design elements. The report is comprehensive in nature, containing set tolerances, clash ID of design component, grid location, type of clash, and clash test summary (active, reviewed, resolves and approved clashes). Clash detection report allows design stakeholders to analyze design defects and eliminate potential design errors.

Which software is used for BIM clash detection?

There is several software available for such as; Navisworks, Revit, Solibri etc. These software help construction professionals with developing error free design. Process of BIM conflict discovery involves using multiple software. Like we discussed in the earlier section of this page that Revit models are exported to NWC formats that are importable in Navisworks for conducting clash detection process.

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