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Welcome to Cresire, your go-to source for BIM Consultancy, where creativity and accuracy collide in building and architecture. 

Our IFC BIM Model Services are the cornerstone for turning your projects into digital masterpieces in the ever-changing Architectural and Construction market in Germany, USA, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, France, Russia, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Norway, and other 20+ countries.

What is IFC in BIM?

IFC, or Industry Foundation Classes, in BIM (Building Information Modeling), serve as a standardized data format for seamless collaboration among various software in construction projects. 

It ensures interoperability, allowing architects, engineers, and contractors to exchange project information efficiently. IFC promotes global standards, compliance with regulations, and long-term data preservation.

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the Power of IFC BIM model Conversion

The IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format acts as a common language for information sharing and exchange in the complex field of architectural design. Our expertise at Cresire lies in maximizing the potential of IFC BIM Model Conversion so your architectural vision will be faithfully and accurately captured in digital form.

Why Choose IFC BIM model Services?


Dismantle silos and improve cross-disciplinary cooperation with IFC. Our services guarantee that your BIM models are compatible, facilitating accessible communication between various software programs.

Data Integrity

Throughout the conversion process, maintain the integrity of your design data. We know how crucial precise information is, and we promise that every detail will be carefully transferred into the digital sphere with our IFC BIM model services.


You may improve productivity and streamline your workflow by utilizing the IFC file's adaptability. Our experts leverage cutting-edge technology to convert IFC files into detailed BIM models, reducing manual errors and saving valuable time in the design and construction phases.

Adaptability to Future Technologies

As an open standard, IFC is designed to evolve with technological advancements. Choosing IFC BIM models we ensures your project is adaptable to future innovations and changes in the BIM landscape.

The CRESIRE Advantage in Germany's Architectural and Construction Market

Tailored Solutions for International Standards

Having a thorough awareness of local norms and regulations is essential for navigating the complexities of the German architectural and construction business. The IFC BIM model services provided by CRESIRE are specifically designed to satisfy the demands of the German, European, UK, and USA markets, guaranteeing adherence to general guidelines and raising the general caliber of your projects.

Expert IFC Modelers at Your Service

Our group of seasoned IFC Modellers offers a plethora of knowledge and proficiency. As early adopters of BIM Consultancy, we know about the subtleties of IFC files and can accurately transform them into BIM models. Our professionals ensure that every facet of your project—from structural research to architectural design—is accurately captured digitally.

Seamless Collaboration Across Disciplines

Communication is essential in the collaborative world of contemporary building projects. Our IFC BIM model services enable contractors, engineers, and architects to work together seamlessly. We create a bridge between several software programs by turning IFC data into BIM models, enabling a more streamlined and effective workflow.

Software We Use


Our Process: From IFC Files to BIM Excellence

1. Initial Assessment

We start our trip by carefully evaluating your IFC files. We carefully review the information to ensure we fully comprehend your project's goals and specifications.

2. IFC to BIM Conversion

With the help of our team's experience and cutting-edge technology, we begin the IFC to BIM conversion process. This step converts the information from your IFC files into an accurate and comprehensive BIM model representing every aspect of your design.

3. Quality Assurance

Our hallmark is quality. Our IFC modeller professionals conduct thorough quality assurance tests before releasing the finished Revit BIM model to guarantee that every feature adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and is consistent with your original design.

4. Delivery and Integration

After the BIM Revit model is refined, we will give you the finished product. We help you integrate the BIM model into your current workflow so that the design-to-construction process runs smoothly. Our support continues beyond there.

Elevate Your Projects with Cresire's IFC BIM model Services

Take advantage of Cresire’s IFC BIM model services to embrace the future of building and architectural design. Our dedication to quality and in-depth knowledge of the German market place us in a position to be your reliable partner in turning ideas into digital reality.

Get in touch with us right now to find out how our IFC BIM model services can improve your projects and establish new benchmarks for accuracy in the dynamic field of design and construction. CRESIRE is a Digital Future Hub where knowledge and creativity collide.

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

IFC, or Industry Foundation Classes, is a BIM standardized data format enabling seamless collaboration among diverse software. It ensures compliance with global standards, supports efficient data exchange, and promotes interoperability in construction and architectural projects.

IFC model structure in BIM categorizes data for seamless collaboration in construction. It boosts interoperability with elements like sites and buildings, ensuring consistent data exchange. This structured approach enhances efficiency, making IFC pivotal for well-organized BIM projects.

IFC in BIM is a standardized data format fostering seamless collaboration in construction. Structuring information on elements like walls and doors ensures interoperability. IFC enhances global standards compliance and long-term data preservation and supports flexible collaboration, which is crucial for efficient and future-proof BIM projects.

IFC in Revit enables seamless collaboration by allowing data exchange between different BIM software. Improve interoperability, enhance project communication, and streamline workflows effortlessly.

IFC in architecture, part of BIM, is a standardized data format streamlining collaboration. It organizes architectural data, ensuring interoperability. IFC promotes global standards adherence and long-term data preservation and supports seamless information exchange, enhancing efficiency for architects in projects.

IFC in construction facilitate smooth data exchange between diverse software. Enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and ensure compatibility across the project lifecycle.

IFC is beyond a 3D model – it’s a standardized data format in BIM. Beyond 3D geometry, IFC organizes comprehensive data for seamless collaboration in construction and architecture. It ensures interoperability, supporting a holistic project information approach.

Yes, we can convert DWG to IFC using BIM software tools like Revit or AutoCAD. This process enhances interoperability between platforms, enabling seamless collaboration in construction projects.

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