BIM in Construction

BIM in Construction

The BIM in Construction is shaping the future of the construction industry. Construction professionals and companies around the world are investing in BIM to streamline their design development and site operations for achieving better project outcomes. 

For a construction company cost, time, quality, and sales are the main factors demonstrating a project as a ‘successful project’. This is often known as a cost-quality-time triangle in construction management. It is the duty of the construction managers to ensure that each project is delivered within the agreed cost, time, and quality. However, it is likely for a construction project to experience cost and time overruns due to many reasons. The prime reasons are; a lack of coordination between project stakeholders, design errors, supply chain, and contractor delays. 

BIM construction management or BIM in Construction management is the single best tool in the present day and age for effective construction management. The government of countries such as the USA, UK, and UAE has mandated the use of BIM on construction projects over a certain budget. Here are some reasons:

  • Using BIM in construction management allows construction companies and professionals to manage the design, supply chain, site operation, and project stakeholders on a collaborative digital platform. 
  • Using BIM in Construction Management allows project stakeholder to have better control over the cost and time overruns of a construction projects
  • BIM in construction promotes superior ways of collaboration within project participants in a digital workspace. Allowing access to project data from any location in the world

How Cresire is Contributing to BIM in Construction

We are offering BIM construction management services to customers at a global level. Our focus stays on understanding the expectations of our customers for construction projects and helping them achieve project goals through BIM. 

Our BIM construction management services focus on different aspects of a construction project.  Using the latest methodologies and protocols in the BIM industry, we develop comprehensive BIM strategies for the effective implementation of bim services at different phases of a construction project. Mentioned below is the phase-wise production of our BIM deliverables:

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