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BIMagine the Possibilities: Elevate Your BIM Experience

We’re a Building Information Modeling – BIM Consulting Firm, dedicated to serving architectural, engineering, construction, land surveying, and real estate companies globally.

Our services range from developing comprehensive information models for effective project and facilities management. We cater to project stakeholders from diverse construction sectors with a single aim to help them optimize construction project’s budget and time by implementing innovative BIM techniques.

We offer BIM services including 3D BIM Modeling, 4D Scheduling, 5D Cost Estimation, 6D Facilities Management and Clash Detection to construction project stakeholders at global level.

Our team of BIM professionals approaches each project with innovative perspectives, prioritizing quality to deliver outputs customized to your project requirements.

“You Desire..We Cresire”

How BIM Transforms Construction: Advantages, Implementation, and Impact

CRESIRE offers a comprehensive suite of Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. These services include BIM modeling, 4D Scheduling, Point Cloud to BIM, 5D Cost Estimation, Shop Drawings, 3D Rendering, and 2D CAD Services, empowering clients to:

  • Make informed decisions quickly: We develop information models throughout the project lifecycle, demonstrating comprehensive design details of different disciplines in a three-dimensional digital workspace. Helping professionals make timely decisions.
  • Minimize Cost and Time Overruns: CRESIRE’s goal is to save construction costs by improved design & planning, clash detection, enhanced collaboration, precise BOQ, insightful 4D simulations, and maintaining lifecycle data.
  • Develop Precise Design Before Construction: Traditional design workflows can introduce uncertainty due to the independent development of plans by different disciplines. Building Information Modeling (BIM) tackles this challenge by fostering a collaborative environment where all design elements are reviewed and refined throughout the process. This meticulous approach ensures the final design drawings are not just accurate, but also well-coordinated, leading to a more certain and successful construction phase.

Our Values

Our core values are Relationship, Respect and they are embedded in everything we do: from our positive and nurturing work environment to our uncompromising approach to quality management and client satisfaction.

The two R’s in CRESIRE symbolise our two main values:


We deliver on our promises and believe in long lasting relationship with our clients.

We treat everyone with respect. We value people and promote equality in work culture

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Our Leadership Team

Devashish Sharma


Philip Harnett


Varun Sharma

Innovative BIM Services

Our team are continually tracking the latest technology developments in the construction industry. As a result, our service offering is evolving to provide clients with the services that will provide best value to their project or asset.

We have assembled a team of professionals who have not only taken lead roles in the high-profile infrastructure and development projects but also have proved themselves in sectors other than construction such as major programme controls and digital transformation.

Cresire challenge technology with creativity, motivating our employees to express themselves multi-dimensionally.

We are based in multiple locations, so wherever you are in the world, we will tailor our approach and use digital tools to creatively and efficiently meet your goals.

Why We Are Here

Our goal is to improve construction design practices by focusing on digital innovation and engineering brilliance, hence contributing to your project’s success. Whether it is building or infrastructure project, our collaboration driven services allow clients to maximize value within the project by monitoring potential cost & time overruns.

We apply our internal BIM processes which are shaped around best practices & codes to ensure successful BIM implementation. Our diverse team of professionals brings together leading UK qualifications and experience with global consultancies.

Our services in a range of different sectors and industries as mentioned below:





Real State







Cultivating Diversity: Fueling Our Innovative Culture

We offer BIM services to clients based in different locations across the globe. Our professionals from diverse construction backgrounds working with us.

“Nothing makes us happier than working with professionals from diverse global locations and catering to their BIM requirements in  Architecture, Construction, Engineering and real estate industries”

We truly promote international collaborations not only to benefit our clients with affordable offshoring services but to enlighten a new way of working in this digitally transforming world and to experience a new culture while being in your home country.

We Provide Affordable CAD and BIM Outsourcing Services and Solutions for following Services

BIM Construction Management

BIM construction management is a modern approach to project planning and execution that involves creating a Revit of a building to help stakeholders visualize the project. This digital model can be used for cost estimation, scheduling, coordination between different teams, and identifying potential issues before they become costly mistakes.

Point Cloud to BIM

Point cloud to BIM is the process of converting 3D laser scan data (point cloud) of an existing building into a BIM model. The resulting BIM model can be used for renovation or retrofit projects and helps in accurate planning, cost estimation, and clash detection during the construction process

3D BIM Modeling

BIM modeling is the process of creating a 3D digital representation of a building that includes information about its geometry, spatial relationships, and other relevant data. The model can be used for design, construction, and operation of the building, allowing stakeholders to collaborate and make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

4D Simulation

4D simulation in BIM is the process of integrating a project's 3D model with time, enabling project teams to visualize and analyze the construction sequence and schedule.

Clash Detection

Clash detection is a process used in Building Information Modeling to identify potential conflicts or clashes between different elements or systems of a construction project. By using clash detection software, project teams can identify and resolve clashes before construction, reducing errors, delays, and costs.

5D Cost Estimation

5D cost estimation is the process of integrating a project's 3D model with time and cost data to create a comprehensive cost estimate. This method allows project teams to analyze the cost impact of design changes in real-time, facilitating informed decision-making and reducing the risk of cost overruns during construction.

PDF to CAD Conversion

PDF to CAD conversion is the process of converting a PDF file into a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) format, such as DWG or DXF, to enable editing and manipulation of the design elements within the file.

CAD Drawings Services

CAD drawing services involve the creation, modification, and optimization of 2D and 3D designs using specialized software. These services can be utilized for a variety of industries, including architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

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