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CRESIRE is a BIM consulting company. We are based in India and the UK and we provide BIM Outsourcing Services across the globe. Our global team of BIM modelers and professionals approach projects from fresh angles and focus on delivering value through quality.

We have experienced BIM modelers and construction professionals working with us. Our building information modeling – BIM Modeling Solutions, 3D Rendering, and 2D Drawing Services helps clients to take timely decisions and control cost and time overruns of construction projects. We bring together diverse experiences, skills, and cultures that allow us to transform challenges into innovative solutions.


We offer result-driven BIM Services, helping our clients to achieve long-term project goals and modeling/drafting complex architectural and engineering design details. Hence, promoting collaboration between construction project stakeholders and the adoption of advanced virtual technologies including BIM services and a common data environment(CDE).

Our values

Our core values are Relationship, Respect and they are embedded in everything we do: from our positive and nurturing work environment to our uncompromising approach to quality management and client satisfaction.

The two R’s in CRESIRE symbolise our two main values:

We deliver on our promises and believe in long lasting relationship with our clients. 

We treat everyone with respect. We value people and promote equality in work culture

Driven By Innovation in BIM Construction

Our team are continually tracking the latest technology developments in the construction industry. As a result, our service offering is evolving to provide clients with the services that will provide best value to their project or asset.

We have assembled a team of professionals who have not only taken lead roles in the high-profile infrastructure and development projects but also have proved themselves in sectors other than construction such as major programme controls and digital transformation.


Cresire challenge technology with creativity, motivating our employees to express themselves multi-dimensionally.

We are based in multiple locations, so wherever you are in the world, we will tailor our approach and use digital tools to creatively and efficiently meet your goals.

We are a diversity & culture driven company

We offer BIM services to clients based in different locations across the globe. Our professionals from diverse construction backgrounds working with us.

“Nothing makes us happier than working with professionals from diverse global locations and catering to their BIM requirements in  Architecture, Construction, Engineering and real estate industries”

We truly promote international collaborations not only to benefit our clients with affordable offshoring services but to enlighten a new way of working in this digitally transforming world and to experience a new culture while being in your home country.

Why we are here

Our goal is to improve construction design practices by focusing on digital innovation and engineering brilliance, hence contributing to your project’s success. Whether it is building or infrastructure project, our collaboration driven services allow clients to maximize value within the project by monitoring potential cost & time overruns.

We apply our internal BIM processes which are shaped around best practices & codes to ensure successful BIM implementation. Our diverse team of professionals brings together leading UK qualifications and experience with global consultancies.

Our services in a range of different sectors and industries as mentioned below:



Our leadership Team

Devashish Sharma

Devashish is a Co-Founder and Director at Cresire where he leads BIM services in India. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Sheffield and an MSc in Construction Project Management from The University of the West of England. His vision behind CRESIRE is to provide BIM services, adhering to best practices and procedures, to global customers, helping customers to save extensive production costs and overruns.
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Philip Harnett

Philip holds degrees in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield as well as Project Management from the University of the West of England. His background is in programme and project management working across a variety of sectors and roles. This influences his approach to BIM services, where he believes that BIM modelling can serve not only good design but also effective management of a whole project or asset lifecycle.
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Suhani Dasot

Suhani holds a degree in Management of Business Administration (MBA) from Narsee Monjee College, Bangalore. Having extensive experience of working in banking and management, she possesses strong marketing and HR skills. At CRESIRE, she uses this experience for managing accounts and identifying the right talent for the company.
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Varun Sharma

Varun holds a degree in Interior Designing from INIFD, Jaipur. He possesses strong creative and visualisation skills. At CRESIRE, he helps the design team with his creative ideas for building high quality 3D renders and walkthroughs.
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