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Seamless BIM Construction Management on a Global Scale

Control Cost and Time Overruns of Projects | Effectively Manage the Building’s Lifecycle | Planning for Maintenance, and Demolitions
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Why Partner with Us for BIM Construction Management Services?

Discover the power of BIM Construction Management through our latest case studies. 

Effective BIM Construction Management

Improved building information management using BIM management system for better coordination and design development.

Control Over Cost & Time Overruns

Advanced BIM management system methodologies for cost estimation, site planning, collaboration and clash resolution.

Integrate Building Information Management BIM

Ability to integrate BIM with construction management processes to ensure seamless collaboration between teams and timely project delivery.

Transform Business with BIM Outsourcing Services

Reduce overhead & production costs, save time, and improve project outcomes by using our BIM outsourcing services.

Collaborating with CRESIRE: Insights into Successful BIM Projects

Discover the power of BIM Construction Management through our latest case studies. See how BIM transforms construction projects from start to finish, delivering incredible efficiency and accuracy. Join us on this journey to learn more about BIM’s impact on the future of construction and how our BIM outsourcing services help AEC professionals with better construction management at a Global level.

CRESIRE undertook the BIM Industrial Mixed development, delivering outstanding results within the stipulated timeframe. The mixed development included 3D BIM, and 5D BIM Quantity Takeoffs in Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines, covering 15,000 sqm, comprised various components:

  • Factory: Mixed RCC and steel structure development
  • Staff Accommodation: A well-designed living space accommodation for staff.
  • Commercial Building: A well-planned office spaces and commercial units.
  • Parking Area & Water Tank: A strategically designed parking facility and Water Tank.
Point Cloud to BIM Modeling of 25+ Floors Skyscraper building in Dubai, UAE. The project used Laser scans of the existing Multi-story building for developing 3D Revit Models in Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines. Read the Full Case Study to learn how CRESIRE’s point cloud to BIM Construction Management services allowed the client to make critical design decisions for the main consultant.

To improve project outcomes and speed up the client’s workflow, CRESIRE was hired to provide structural BIM modeling and structural framing plan drafting services for a church project.

The main goals were to improve stakeholder communication, reduce errors in construction documentation, and expedite project deadlines.

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CRESIRE posts weekly blogs on BIM Construction Management trends, BIM outsourcing services, and CRESIRE’s latest BIM and Construction management contribution to the AEC industry at a Global Level. The blogs contain information about the latest practices & standards and services essential for Construction Management with BIM. Read our blogs if you are new to BIM construction management services or wish to expand your knowledge about BIM. 

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