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Building Information Modeling has revolutionized how Architectural, Engineering, and Construction projects are planned, executed, and managed in today’s fast-paced construction industry. 

CRESIRE assists AEC companies across the globe with BIM outsourcing services to help customers augment the in-house team, improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

We offer BIM Outsourcing Services for AEC companies in USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherland, and many other 20+ countries.

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Our Diverse BIM Outsourcing Services

CRESIRE is a BIM outsourcing services provider, delivering exceptional results to clients across the industry. With a customer-centric approach and a team of dedicated BIM experts, CRESIRE can transform your projects in the following ways:

Detailed BIM Modeling

CRESIRE's BIM specialists excel in creating accurate and detailed 3D Revit models (LOD 300-LOD 500), encompassing every aspect of your project. From architectural elements to structural components, their expertise ensures a comprehensive visualization of your construction project.

Clash Detection and Coordination

Through advanced clash detection tools and precise coordination, CRESIRE can identify and resolve potential clashes in the early stages of the project. This proactive approach minimizes rework, reducing costs and saving valuable time.

Quantity Take-off and 5D Cost Estimation

We offer an advanced way of estimating the bill of quantities for your projects. Our innovative 5D BIM Cost Estimation services provide an accurate count of quantities in architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines. Accurate 5D BIM Modeling helps our customers with preparing precise BOQs and shortlisting contractors.

BIM for Facility Management

CRESIRE's services go beyond project delivery. We offer BIM outsourcing services tailored for facility management, enabling you to efficiently maintain and manage your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Point cloud to BIM - Scan to BIM

We help AEC professionals with developing Point Cloud to 3D Models for renovation or facilities management. We take point cloud data in multiple different formats, process the data in recap pro and develop a precise BIM model in Revit. Point cloud to BIM outsourcing is one of the most innovative techniques for renovation projects and facilities management.

PDF to CAD Conversion

We assist professionals from different industries & sectors with PDF to CAD Conversion Services. We accept inputs in PDF, PNG and JPEG format and use AutoCAD software for developing detailed architectural or engineering designs.

Software We Use for BIM Outsourcing Services


Innovate with BIM Outsourcing Services

BIM Outsourcing Services involve delegating your project’s BIM tasks to external professionals who specialize in creating, managing, and updating BIM models. This service allows your in-house team to focus on core competencies while leveraging the expertise of BIM specialists. 

With the demand for sophisticated designs and cost-effective project management on the rise, BIM outsourcing services provide a strategic advantage in today’s competitive construction landscape.

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The Benefits of BIM Outsourcing Services

1 – Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing BIM services can significantly reduce costs for your projects. Instead of maintaining an in-house BIM team, which requires constant training and expensive software licenses, you can tap into the services of established BIM firms like CRESIRE, who already possess the necessary tools and expertise.

2 – Time Efficiency

Time is of the essence in any construction project. By outsourcing your BIM needs, you can expedite the development of comprehensive 3D models, clash detection, and project coordination. This will lead to faster decision-making and smoother project execution.

3 – Access to Expertise

CRESIRE boasts a team of highly skilled BIM professionals with extensive industry experience. By collaborating with them, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and best practices that can enhance the quality and accuracy of your BIM models.

4 – Enhanced Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital for project success. With BIM outsourcing, you create an environment where all stakeholders, from architects to contractors, can work seamlessly together, reducing errors and fostering creativity.

5 – Scalability

BIM services provide flexibility in project management. You can scale up or down based on project demands, ensuring optimal resource utilization without overburdening your internal team.

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Partner with CRESIRE for BIM Outsourcing Services

CRESIRE is your partner for BIM Services. If you’re finding, BIM Outsourcing Companies Near Me,  Cresire is the right choice for you. We are committed to delivering High-quality Output and Focus on client satisfaction ensuring that your projects are executed seamlessly, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations.

We provide BIM Services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction (AEC), Real Estate, Building and Manufacturing Companies in multiple countries including the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, UAE, Australia, and India.


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Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

BIM outsourcing services involve hiring external experts to handle Building Information Modeling tasks, saving costs, and improving project efficiency.

BIM, primarily used in construction and architecture, digitally models building design and operations, aiding in planning, visualization, and collaboration.

Outsourcing Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers several benefits:

  1. Cost Efficiency
  2. Access to Expertise
  3. Time Savings
  4. Scalability
  5. Focus on Core Activities
  6. Enhanced Technology
  7. Reduced Risk
  8. Global Collaboration

No, BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Revit are not the same. BIM is a process/methodology for creating and managing building data, while Revit is a specific BIM software tool developed by Autodesk. Revit is one of many software applications used to implement the BIM process, which involves creating and managing 3D models with detailed information about a building’s components for improved design, construction, and project management.

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