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Welcome to Cresire, your Building Information Modelling (BIM) consulting partner. Our CAD to BIM services enables a smooth transfer from conventional design documents to intelligent and data-rich BIM models, bringing an innovative approach to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) sector.

 We offer CAD to BIM services to architectural, engineering, construction, space management, facilities management, and real estate companies in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, and 10+ other countries.

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Why Choose Cresire for CAD to BIM Modeling Conversion Services?

Precision in CAD to BIM Transformation

Our team of proficient BIM specialists employs cutting-edge instruments and technologies to guarantee precise conversion of CAD designs into BIM models. To produce an accurate digital reproduction of the actual structure, we carefully record all pertinent information, such as geometry, measurements, and material composition.

Time and Cost Efficiency

With the help of Cresire's CAD to BIM services, modeling is streamlined and expenses and time related to manual data entry and rework are greatly decreased. We guarantee speedy turnaround times without sacrificing quality thanks to our effective workflow.

Collaborative Work Environment

Our BIM models facilitate smooth collaboration. A centralized digital platform that all stakeholders may access promotes improved coordination and communication throughout the project. This cooperative method reduces mistakes and improves the overall effectiveness of the endeavor.


Cresire ensures that the CAD to BIM models we provide work with the most popular BIM software packages. The ability to easily integrate with current project workflows made possible by this interoperability makes the switch from traditional design procedures to BIM seamless.

Data Enrichment

Beyond simply turning sketches into three-dimensional models, Cresire concentrates on adding useful data to BIM models. This creates an extensive digital twin for well-informed decision-making and contains data on materials, quantities, and project specifications.

Types of CAD to BIM Services we provides

Software We Use to Convert CAD to BIM Model Conversion


Our Process of CAD to BIM Modeling Conversion Services

1. Initial Assessment

Firstly, we evaluate CAD documents for architectural, MEP, and Structural information. We identify critical elements such as walls, doors, windows, and other relevant details. We utilize specialized software to extract text and graphics from the CAD files.

2. Element Classification

We review extracted data to identify and rectify any inaccuracies or missing information. We ensure consistency and adherence to BIM standards. Furthermore, we categorize extracted elements into BIM-specific classes (e.g., walls, floors, roofs). Hence, assign appropriate attributes such as materials, dimensions, and connections.

3. Model Generation

Consequently, we use BIM authoring tools such as REVIT to create 3D models based on the classified elements. We also add parameters to BIM elements for enhanced data functionality. Finally, if required, we include metadata such as cost, manufacturer details, and maintenance information.

4. Quality Control

Finally, we conduct thorough checks to validate the accuracy and completeness of the BIM model. We also address any discrepancies or anomalies in the converted data. Consequently, we transfer the finalized BIM model to the chosen BIM platform.

Benefits of Outsourcing PDF to BIM Modeling Services

Outsourcing PDF to BIM (Building Information Modeling) modeling services offers construction and design firms several benefits.  Here are some key advantages:

1. Accuracy and Precision

  • BIM modeling services provide accurate and precise 3D representations of buildings or structures based on PDF drawings.
  • BIM models capture the design and construction details precisely, reducing errors and inconsistencies.

2. Efficient Collaboration

  • Outsourcing PDF to BIM allows for seamless collaboration among architects, engineers, and other stakeholders.
  • BIM models enable real-time collaboration and data sharing, facilitating better communication and coordination throughout the project lifecycle.

3. Cost Savings

  • Outsourcing can lead to cost savings as it eliminates the need for in-house BIM software, hardware, and skilled personnel.
  • By leveraging external expertise, firms can reduce overhead costs and focus on core competencies.

4. Time Efficiency

  • PDF to BIM modeling services expedite the design and construction process by providing a detailed and comprehensive 3D model.
  • The ability to extract information directly from PDFs accelerates the modeling phase, reducing project timelines.

5. Enhanced Visualization

  • PDF to BIM models offer enhanced visualization, allowing stakeholders to understand the project’s design and functionality better.
  • Visualization aids in making informed decisions, identifying potential issues, and improving overall project outcomes.

6. Data Integration

  • PDF to BIM models can integrate various data sources, including PDFs, to create a comprehensive digital representation of the building.
  • This integration facilitates better decision-making by providing a holistic view of the project.

7. Improved Clash Detection

  • BIM models help identify clashes and conflicts in the design phase, minimizing errors that could lead to costly rework during construction.
  • Clash detection ensures that different building components fit together seamlessly.

8. Sustainability and Lifecycle Management

  • BIM facilitates sustainable design by analyzing energy performance and environmental impact.
  • The information embedded in BIM models supports facility management, maintenance, and renovations throughout the building’s lifecycle.

9. Regulatory Compliance

  • BIM models can assist in ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.
  • Outsourcing BIM services to professionals well-versed in local regulations helps avoid legal issues and delays.

10. Flexibility and Scalability

  • Outsourcing allows firms to scale their BIM capabilities based on project requirements.
  • It provides the flexibility to access a diverse skill set and adapt to evolving project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

Yes, we can convert CAD to BIM Modeling conversion. Transform your 2D CAD drawings into intelligent 3D Building Information Models for enhanced collaboration and efficiency in construction and design processes.

CAD is like the blueprint tool for BIM. Architects use CAD to draw 2D plans, and these plans are turned into 3D models in BIM. It helps everyone see and work on the building project together.

BIM isn’t replacing CAD; they work together. CAD does 2D drawings, while BIM adds 3D info for better teamwork. Both are crucial in modern design and construction processes.

Yes, BIM is more advanced than CAD. BIM adds 3D details and info for smarter construction planning. It goes beyond CAD’s 2D drawings, enhancing project collaboration and efficiency.

Choosing between CAD and BIM depends on needs. CAD for basic designs, BIM for detailed projects with 3D info. Both have strengths; it’s about the right fit for the task.

Yes, we can convert a PDF to a Revit file using specialized software. This streamlined process enables efficient integration of design data, enhancing collaboration and accuracy in your Revit projects. Explore tools like PDF to Revit converters for seamless file conversion.

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