3D Revit Modeling Services

We offer Design-Oriented 3D Revit Modeling Services

Whether you need Architectural, Structural, or MEP 3D Models, our 3D Revit Modeling Services help our clients with customizing the 3D Models as per their design requirements. 

Depending upon the design development stage of a construction project, we add necessary graphical and non graphical information.

The information integrated into the 3D Revit model typically includes the design element details; walls, beams, columns, MEP equipment, material rates, lifecycle information, etc.

3D Revit Modeling Services with Cost and Time Certainty

Cost Effective Revit Models

Our production of Revit models is designed in such a way that it helps our USA and European based customers in saving up to 40% of production costs as compared with their local rates.

Time Zone Synchronization

Irrespective of the country you are based, we have revit technicians working in different time shifts to ease the revit modeling process and collaboration with you

Software Expertise

We have the right team and licenses for implementing comprehensive Revit modeling in the design development.

Make the Deal Same Day- 20% Discount

You respect your time and try to provide you most of our revit modeling process information in our first online meeting or via email. Leverage our discounted price if you make the same day deal.

Choose the Right Level Of Development (LOD) for Your Project

3D Revit Modeling Services Workflow

Step 1

Deciding the Discipline for Revit 3D Modeling

If you need 3D Revit Modeling Services for a specific discipline i.e., structure/architecture then please feel free to share the 2D designs with us. We offer discipline-specific Revit 3D modeling services in all disciplines right from conceptual design development to the detailed design development stage.

Step 2

Reviewing the 2D Designs for Delivering You the Revit models

We critically review the AutoCAD or pdf drawings for Revit modeling. We get in touch with you if we need any additional information or have any questions. This we do by arranging a one-on-one online meeting with our Revit modeling specialist.

Step 3

Deciding Level of Development (LOD) for Revit Modeling

After choosing the discipline and reviewing the designs we plan the required level of development (LOD) for Revit 3D modeling. The level of development (LOD) is a criterion for choosing the level of information added to the Revit models. This typically includes geometrical, construction timeline, cost, and lifecycle details of a project.

Step 1

Proposal for Revit Modeling Services

We provide you with a quotation and expected turnaround time depending upon your requirements.Please note we offer a 20% discount on the same-day deals and 10% off to our new clients.

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