BIM Revit Structural Modeling Services

Revit BIM Structural Modeling Services

Cresire helps you to convert your Structural designs into useful 3D Building Model with the use of Revit.

We provide our Revit BIM Structural Modeling Services in USA,  UK, UAE, Australia, India, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, and many other 20+ countries.

We Offer Diverse Structural Modeling Services

Revit Structural Modeling Services Workflow

Setting Project Parameters for Structural Modeling

Firstly, we begin by creating a new project in Revit, setting up project parameters and defining the structural requirements. Progressively, we develop the structural framework by creating columns, beams, and foundations using Revit's modeling tools.

Detailed Structural Modeling in Revit

Secondly, we add structural elements such as slabs, walls, and bracing systems to complete the structural model. We apply appropriate structural connections and detailing to ensure an accurate representation of the design.

Analyzing 3D Structural Model

Consequently, we analyze the structural model using Revit's integrated structural analysis tools for performance evaluation. We also collaborate with project team members by sharing the structural model and coordinating design changes.

Exporting Structural 3D Model

Finally, we export the structural model to required file formats as required for construction and coordination purposes. We welcome feedbacks from our customers and integrate them to the model instantly.

We Add Value to Structural 3D Modeling Projects

Our Revit technicians have a background in civil and structural engineering. We have a strong management team, holding Civil Engineering & Construction Management certifications from world-class institutions and professional experience from global construction consultancies.

Mentioned below are the advantages of using our Structural 3d modeling services on your projects:

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Why Use Revit for Developing Structural Modeling?

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