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Process of creating As built CAD Drawings

Cresire has an expert team to prepare As Built Drawings Services from plan layout, documentation, and survey for Architectural, MEP, Construction in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and many other 20+ countries.

Mentioned below is the step by step process to outsource As-Built CAD Drawings to CRESIRE :

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Why choose CRESIRE for As built drawings services

Our expert team of engineers and architects helps our clients with preparing comprehensive as-built architectural drawing as well as As Built engineering drawings

 Our As Built Drawing offer the below benefits:

We offer multidisciplinary As-built services


Significance of using of developing As-built drawings

The following are some of the reasons why As Built drawing are important:

Our process of As-Built Drawing Services

We receive basic 2D layouts from our clients or often we create the layouts for them.

We use these 2D layouts for As-built documentation. The 2D layouts can be in architectural, structural, or MEP disciplines.

We review the layouts with our clients to check if there are any missing details that are critical for As built drawings.

Our expert technicians host kick-off meetings with our clients to help them identify the required inputs and missing parameters.

We collect essential data for future renovation and maintenance from our clients.

This typically includes details of installation, warranty details, contractor information, etc. before creating as-built drawing.

This is a critical step because at this stage we ensure that all the information that clients wish to integrate into as-built drawings is recorded and stored by CRESIRE.

We integrate the recorded information into the 2D layouts and prepare comprehensive As built CAD drawings.

These drawings allow the owners and clients to access installation and maintenance specifics, which help them with future alterations.

Once the drawings are prepared, we recommend our clients review the drafts by their contractor(s).

The contractor(s) can suggest changes in the details before we deliver the final as-built drawing to our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

As built drawings are schematics that illustrate all of the contractor’s changes to the project’s rendering, both small and significant. As built drawing are prepared and used after the initiation stages of the project.

Contact us for As built CAD drawings

At CRESIRE, our team has diverse experience in developing As built CAD drawings in AutoCAD and Revit.

We help our clients with reducing resource pressure and in-house production costs for developing engineering drawings by taking high-volume jobs.

Our services help clients to utilize their resources for the critical scope of work at their organizations and hence eliminating the overtime.

We offer As Built drafting, As-Built Architectural Drawings, As Built MEP Drawings, As Built Documentation, As-Built Measuring Services, and As Built Floor Plans Services, and CAD Outsourcing Services in US, Canada, UK, Sweden, France, Australia, UAE, and 20+ other countries.

To discuss how using As-built CAD drawing services can reduce in-house production costs resource pressure then please feel free to reach out to us.

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