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Cost-Quality and Time-Focused 2D CAD Drawing Services


We value your projects and try to keep a perfect balance between cost, time, and quality for 2D CAD Drawing Services. 

Our 2D CAD Drawing Services professionals come from diverse backgrounds including architecture, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Here are the ways we ensure our promise for 2D AutoCAD Drawing Services:

  • Offering competitive production costs for AutoCAD Drawing Services, up to 40% less than the production costs in USACanadaUK, UAE and Europe
  • Ensuring timely deliveries by assigning a project manager, responsible for everyday communication and delivery of 2D CAD Drawings
  • Conducting two-step quality assessment before delivering the final CAD drafts to you
  • Getting back to you with a proposal for 2D CAD Drafting Services within 2 hours after receiving the requested inputs from you

We Are Committed

15% Discount on Same Day 2D CAD Drawings or AutoCAD Drawings Deals

CRESIRE understand your project requirements and provide you the proposal for CAD Drafting within a within few hours. We will let you know if we have any questions for CAD details.
Drop us an email with CAD details or give us a call to enquire about 2D CAD Drawing Services! We would love to provide you the best offers.


Which Software to Choose for 2D CAD Drawing – Revit or AutoCAD Drafting?

This is one of the most common questions that we face from clients before procuring with CAD Drafting in any discipline. 

Both of the software Revit and AutoCAD are Autodesk products and offer great interface for producing architectural and engineering drawings and models. Depending upon your 2D CAD Drawing requirements, you can choose between AutoCAD and Revit.

AutoCAD for 2D CAD Drawing or Drafting

  • User friendly interface for producing architectural and engineering detailing in Two-Dimensional environment
  • Adding unique layer type and properties to individual design elements
  • Providing advanced features for importing PDFs, PNGs and Point Cloud Data
  • Offering limited features for 3D Modeling

Revit for 2D CAD Drawing/Drafting

  • User friendly interactive three-dimensional as well as three-dimensional interface for CAD Detailing
  • Adding pre-defined design elements such as wall, doors, windows, column etc. to the design layout
  • Improved 2D CAD Drawing efficiency as compared with AutoCAD Drafting
  • Providing Three-Dimensional interface for visualizing the impact of the design in the Real World
Our Pragmatic Approach For Developing 2D CAD Drawing Services For Our Global Clients
Reviewing your project files i.e., PDFs, Conceptual layouts, hand sketches
Providing you a proposal within a few hours for 2D CAD Drawing Services
Creating 2D CAD Drawing draft with basic parameters for your review

Review and feedback before moving to final CAD Drafting

Preparing detailed 2D CAD Drawings containing expected design details
Quality analysis of the 2D CAD Drawings before final delivery

Project Focused Outsourcing 2D CAD Drawing Services

Our clients come from different countries and sectors with 2D CAD Drawing requirements. Cresire focus on the project and a strategy accordingly. 

We add value to your project by:

We offer Multi-Disciplinary 2D CAD Drawing and Drafting Services

Architectural AutoCAD Drawings

Structural AutoCAD Drawings

MEP Drawing Services

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CRESIRE is a multi-disciplinary 2D CAD Drawing Services provider. We offer architectural AutoCAD Drafting, AutoCAD Electrical Drawing, Structural Detailing and MEP 2D AutoCAD Drawings Services in 10+ countries including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Sweden etc.

We value your design development timeline for 2D CAD Drawing production by:

  • Synchronizing our working hours for 2D CAD Drawing depending upon your geographical location
  • Assigning full time CAD Drafting resources on your projects for meeting the timeline and critical deadlines
  • Providing a guarantee for providing you a proposal for 2D CAD Drawing Services considering we have received all the details from your end

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