3D Architectural Rendering and Visualization

3D Architectural Rendering Services At a Global Level

We provide our 3D Architectural Rendering or 3d Architectural Visualization services in USACanadaUKIndiaSwedenGermanyItalyNetherlandsIrelandNorwayBelgium, and many other 20+ countries.

Our 3D Architectural Visualization Services

We have a team of Architectural 3D modelers who are well versed with software such as 3DsMax, Lumion, V-Ray, etc. 

We have a diverse experience and helping our clients with diverse 3D Architectural visualisation services:

3D Architecture Rendering Workflow

Step 1

Reviewing 2D Drawings for 3D Architectural Rendering

We request our clients to share project drawings for our review. This is a critical step for 3D Architectural Rendering because we conduct meetings with our client and 3D artists to understand the below details without ambiguity.

Step 2

Developing a Conceptual Model for 3D Architectural Rendering

In this step of 3D Architectural Rendering, we share a draft of the conceptual model with the client to have their feedback and suggestions. If there are any design changes then this is the best stage in 3D architectural rendering process for making appropriate changes.

Step 3

Developing detailed 3D Architectural Rendering Model

Cresire ensure that all the suggestions and feedback collected from 3D artists and clients are incorporated with necessary architectural details such as façade, material specification, paint color and texture, surrounding area, and landscaping.

Benefits of Our 3D Architectural Rendering Services

Architects, interior designers, real estate companies, and even homeowners use 3D Architectural Rendering services to visualize the built asset before construction.

Mentioned below are the advantages of using our Structural 3d modeling services on your projects:

Why Partner for 3D Architectural Rendering Services With CRESIRE

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

What is 3D Architectural Rendering?

3D Architectural Rendering is a process of creating realistic three-dimensional architectural models using advanced software such as Lumion, 3DsMax, and V-Ray. 

The three-dimensional models are prepared using the 2D architectural layouts and elevation details. The process of architecture rendering involves detailed discussion, assessment, conceptual and detailed modeling. We have discussed the process in detail in the initial sections of this page.

Who needs Architectural visualisation?

Professionals from architecture, engineering and construction sectors require architectural visualisation for decision making and planning design elements of a building. 

Architects and engineers use architectural rendered model for space planning and for analyzing the aesthetics of a built-asset. Quite often house owners and real estate companies find a need of architectural visualisation before building or investing in a residential property.

Why do architecture firms choose to outsource their 3D rendering requirements?

Outsourcing 3D Rendering requirements help architecture firms reduce resource pressure on their employees and avoid additional software licensing costs. 

Outsourcing companies like CRESIRE, based in India, offer a highly competitive rates for architectural 3D Rendering. Moreover, outsourcing architecture rendering requirements to companies based in India help architecture firms save up to 50% of production costs as compared with the local production costs in the USA, UK and other European countries.

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