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What is a 3D floor plan?

A floor plan is the most important drawing for any project. It plainly conveys how the spaces are arranged and how the circulation works in any project. 

However, with the number of technical symbols used in this detailed drawing, it becomes difficult for a layman to understand and visualize how a building will appear upon completion just from a 2d floor plan drawing. 

This is where an Interactive 3D Floor Plan comes in. It is a three dimensional representation of a floor plan and consists of design elements and basic components like door, windows, floor, walls and furniture, that make visualization easy. 

One can understand how the space works, the circulation and how different utilities are aligned through a 3d floor plan. It essentially provides a bird’s eye view of the interiors. 

It also helps make communication between the designer and clients easy. With a 3D Floor Plan, the design concept can be easily explained without avoiding any misunderstanding.

Cresire Offers Tailored 3D Floor Plan Services

We have a team of professionals that is well-versed with rendering a floor plan on softwares like lumion, v-ray and enscape along with post production on photoshop and illustrator. We provide tailored 3D Floor Plan Rendering services as per the needs of the client. 

6 Steps to create a 3D Floor plan

Step 1

Assemble 2D Drawings

The first step to creating a 3d floor plan is getting your 2d drawings in order. We ask for 2d drawings of your projects which may consist of pdfs of floor plans, dwgs or even rough sketches with approximate dimensions.

Step 2

Hire Outsourcing Partner

The second step after you have assembled all the drawings is to hire an outsourcing partner. They will be responsible for creating the 3D Floor Plan Renderings from your drawings so make sure that they are experts in the field.

Step 3

Choose Appropriate Software

We at Cresire use the latest technology for Floor Plan Rendering. The next step is to choose the right software for your interactive three dimensional Floor Plan Creation. When you are sure of what kind of renders you are going for, you need to choose the right software according to that.

Step 4

Creating a Conceptual Design

After choosing the software, we start working on the conceptual design. Rendering a Floor Plan can be done with a number of design formats and customized as per the clients needs. Our experts start with the conceptual process to deliver exactly what the client requires.

Step 5

Review & comments from the client

After the completion of the first draft, we send it over to the clients for review. Then, we hold multiple discussions with them to review the work. We believe that client satisfaction is important and hence strive to incorporate all the reviews and comments as suggested by our clients.

Step 6

Final 3D model & Delivery

The last step is to hand over the finished model to the client. After incorporating the changes and making sure that the clients are happy with the end product, we deliver all the required files and the formats needed, to the client. We are very particular about deadlines and work to deliver within the stipulated time.

Why Develop a 3D Foor Plan?

It has many benefits. It helps to communicate design concepts and can be used as a great marketing tool during the sales of any project.

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