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Our 4D Scheduling Process

We create a robust BIM 4D Simulation that is useful for planning and for maximizing construction efficiency on site.

We provide our 4D BIM Scheduling and Simulation services in USACanadaUKSweden, Germany, NorwayItalyNetherlandsIrelandBelgium, FranceAustraliaUAE, and 20+ other countries.

Step by Step 4D Scheduling and Simulation Outsourcing Process : 

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Benefits of outsourcing 4D scheduling to CRESIRE

We offer result-driven solutions. Using a 4D BIM model, we show how the built asset and surrounding site will appear at each construction phase.

We have assembled a team of BIM technicians who have a diverse experience in working on Building Information Modeling projects from the multitude of construction sectors:

Our 4D BIM simulation services help our clients with:

Our process of 4D BIM Simulation Services

We help our clients with the preparation of construction schedules. Often, we receive a detailed construction program from our clients for 4D Scheduling

The construction schedule or program is a Gant chart, which is prepared using software such as Primavera, MS Project, or MS Excel.

A construction schedule contains an accurate timeline of a specific activity. The start and end dates of building foundations, erecting columns, laying beams, etc. are mentioned. 

Construction schedules are prepared by Construction managers and these schedules are critical for a successful 4D scheduling process.

We export the Revit model to NWC format for our clients. Often, our clients share the NWC file of their Revit models. The NWC file is critical for Navisworks 4D simulation.

Our expert BIM Engineers import the NWC file to Navisworks software. We ensure that there are no errors in the NWC file and that it can be used further for a successful 4D scheduling process.

We add links to compatible formats such as; Primavera, MS Project, and MS excel sheet in Navisworks. 

Our expert 4D BIM technicians load data sources for the required format and set start & end dates of construction activities as per the program/schedule in the time liner. 

This is a critical step for 4D scheduling because the 4D simulation visuals will be dependent upon the values that are inputted in the time liner. 

Our expert 4D BIM technicians follow our standard quality assessment procedure for maintaining the precision of the values in the time liner.

We generate accurate program information and enable step-by-step video of your construction’s development using Navisworks 4D simulation. 

The final animation visualizes design elements that simulate as per the defined timeline in Navisworks 4D Simulation

We deliver an HD video as the final 4D scheduling output, which can be used by your Construction Managers for effectively planning construction activities on site. 

Result driven 4D Scheduling Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

The 4D BIM adds scheduling information to model construction sequences. The project team can more clearly focus how the construction will be done by including a time dimension.

A four-dimensional (4D) model is produced by combining a project schedule with a three-dimensional (3D) model to simulate construction activities.

Project teams use these combined 4D models to visualize the planning, design, and construction of built assets. In the end, 4D empowers project teams to plan construction activists, enhance communication, and make priority choices throughout the project lifecycle.

4D is the fourth dimension of time added to the 3D Bim model. The project schedule/timeline (4th dimension) is integrated in an interactive four dimensional virtual environment. The 4D model facilitates engagement, communication, and decision-making throughout the project lifecycle by enabling stakeholders to visualise their schedule and planning critical construction activities. 

A simulation of the building sequence known as 4D Scheduling is created by connecting a 3D BIM model with the project schedule and adding time as a fourth dimension. The construction schedule commonly shown in a Gantt Chart serves as a representation of this.

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At CRESIRE, our team has diverse experience in 4D BIM simulation in Navisworks and 4D scheduling.

We help clients to maximize the operational performance of a wide variety of built assets from schools to hospitals hotels and residential developments.

We offer 4D BIM Construction Simulation, 4D Scheduling, and BIM Outsourcing Services in USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, France, Australia, UAE, and 30+ other countries.

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