3D Architectural Rendering services for Superior Decision Making

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The Architectural industry uses advanced methods for effective visualization of the interior and exterior design of a built asset. 

3D Architectural Rendering is one of the most popular methods used by architects to showcase their designs and proposed materials in a realistic manner.

Some architects have an in-house capability for architectural visualization however often they outsource it to a 3D rendering company.

Often clients require multiple rendered images and walkthrough videos to be double sure about the chosen material and shortlisted design before construction.

Process of 3D architectural rendering Services

1 - Design development

3D Rendering requires 2D architectural plans, elevation, section and material specification. The architect must provide all of these details to the 3D Rendering Company. This is the first yet most important step of the 3D rendering process.

2 - Discussion & review

A review meeting is conducted by the 3D Architectural Rendering Services provider and the architect. In the meeting the service provider discusses the design ideas with the architect and ensures that there is no ambiguity in understanding the design.

3 - Developing a conceptual 3D model

The conceptual 3D Model is prepared using software such as Revit, 3DsMax etc. This model is shared with the architect to check that the geometries, shape and design are precise and correct. 

Any change in the design from the architect is recorded and incorporated in the 3D model.

4 - Material and texture specification

It is critical that right materials and textures are captured and specified in the 3D Architectural Renders.

One of the prime reasons for developing 3D architectural renders other than understanding geometries is assessing the look and feel of the materials & texture in a realistic environment. In this step the 3D Rendering Company collects material and texture specification from the architect. 

Sometimes a client wants to try multiple materials and textures before shortlisting the design. This is the best stage to try different textures and materials.

5 - Final realistic 3D Architectural rendering

3D artists proceed with the final rendering once all the materials and textures are finalized. Usually there are no changes made at this stage unless there is a major design change proposed by the architect.

3 critical uses of 3D Architectural rendering

1 - Marketing & Advertising

Businesses can leverage 3D Architectural Rendering Services for advertising and promoting their built asset, furniture and interior products before actually building them. 

Many builders and hotel owners use realistic 3D renders for showcasing their buildings and rooms on online portals for sales & bookings.

2 - Design certainty

Architectural visualisation plays a critical role in delivering architect’s ideas to clients in a much more realistic manner especially for complex projects in which decision making is challenging through 2D plans. 

3D rendering companies use a range of different software such as 3DsMax that allow architects or 3D artists to customize the design multiple times as per the client’s requirements. This brings certainty in design before the project goes on site, resulting in minimum cost & time overruns through design changes during construction.

3 - Better positioning

An architectural company can position themselves better if they are using advanced architectural visualization services. 

They can incorporate 3D Architectural Rendering Services in their fees, providing better visualization to their clients who are not familiar with the AEC industry. 

Using advanced 3D visualization techniques by an architectural company can allow them to position better than their competitors and have an edge over them.

Benefits of 3D Architectural rendering services

  • Customizing architectural design in a three-dimensional environment multiple times throughout the design process as per the client’s satisfaction
  • Promoting better design decisions through architectural visualization
  • Allowing better looking built-asset sometimes than the actual ones by using advanced lighting and texturing effects
  • Saving cost and time overruns of a construction project incurred due to change in design during construction
  • Enabling builders to promote their built-asset on online platforms before actually finishing the construction
  • Promoting better collaboration and decision making between project stakeholders

How to outsource 3D Architectural rendering services

There are many 3D Rendering Companies, offering interior and exterior rendering solutions to AEC companies around the globe. 

Outsourcing 3D Architectural Visualization Services brings a lot of benefits in terms of cost, time and quality. 

Due to the fact that the production cost is cheaper in developing countries, many organizations in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia outsource their 3D rendering requirements to countries like India. The organizations can leverage the most from the talented architect at much affordable pricing.

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