Importance Of Adopting ISO 19650 For BIM Standard

Do you know the importance of adopting ISO 19650 for effective BIM standard? Read this blog to know in detail.

While the previous article on ISO 19650 discussed the terminology changes made in the PAS 1192 BIM standard.

This article focuses on the adoption of ISO 19650 for effective BIM implementation.


Considerations For Developing ISO 19650

ISO 19650 aligns with PAS 1192. To make international BIM adoption easier, ISO facilitates an easy BIM adoption.

The decision to transit from PAS 1192 was made after assessing the significance of Building Information Modelling – BIM in the global market. BIM is a global innovation for the construction industry. A well-ordered implementation holds major significance.

ISO Standard Holds Importance As It Offers The Benefits For An Easy BIM Adoption:

  • A defined standard for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using BIM
  • An international BIM standard that can reduce unproductive activities
  • A common foundation for BIM procedure & protocols for international markets
  • Eliminating gaps in collaboration between international stakeholders as in the PAS 1192 standards

Certification For ISO 19650

ISO 19650 certification can show a company’s interest in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Organizations can buy ISO certification and implement standards on projects.

Benefits Of ISO 19650 Certification :

  • Demonstrates that an organization adopts internationally recognized BIM standards
  • Creates a positive impact on the company’s reputation
  • Develops trust in the company as it is following the recognized BIM practice
  • Shows compliance with stakeholders throughout the public sector and larger organization

Online Guides For ISO 19650

Although it is not necessary to possess previous knowledge/experience to implement ISO 19650. ISO 19650 systematically explains the processes for information management. Therefore, adhering to the best guide recommends before implementing ISO on projects.

ISO Free Guides :

Differences In The Principals Of ISO 19650 And BIM Level 2

If you have implemented BIM level 2 standard on a particular project and in between, you decide to introduce ISO 19650, then no change is recommended If ISO gets introduced to an ongoing project in which BIM level 2 is being followed. Then ISO recommends no change apart from the terminologies.

The Inconsistency Gets Eliminated In Adoption ISO 19650 Documents, Because:

  • ISO 19650 (1), (2) are founded on the UK’s standard for information management using BIM as per BS 1192: 2007 and PAS 1192-2: 2013.
  • The principles stay similar to the old standard with terminology changes applied to ISO 19650

Need Consultations For ISO 19650?

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