The Growing Trend of BIM 5D Cost Estimation in AEC Industry

Discover the Rising Trend of BIM 5D Cost Estimation in the AEC industry. Explore how this great approach enhances accuracy and efficiency.


The architecture, engineering, and construction industries across the globe face challenges in developing precise BOQs for effective project management. Having a precise BOQ of a project in hand ensures better control over the project’s cost. BIM 5D cost estimation is an innovation-based technique that allows project managers and quantity surveyors to predict more accurate quantities and project costs.

5D cost planning, also known as, 5D modelling services helps AEC professionals to extract the accurate number of design elements present in a Revit model for generating a detailed BOQ.

Many construction companies are still following the traditional trend of cost estimating. However, some medium and big-sized companies are leveraging the benefits of BIM for effective project management and cost planning. Adopting 5D Cost Estimation services in countries such as USA, UK, and UAE, help companies to:

  1. Predict precise project costs and decide the right procurement method
  2. Shortlist contractors with cost and time certainty using BIM 5d cost modeling
  3. Manage facilities and lifecycle of a building more effectively
  4. Avoid wastage of material when the project goes on site

Let’s discuss below how the architectural, engineering, and construction industry professionals are maximizing design potential using BIM 5D cost estimation services.

5D BIM Benefits in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry

The construction industry is complex and known to be one of the least innovative industries around the globe. Many construction companies invest in experienced construction managers to ensure the project is delivered within the agreed cost, time, and quality.

From small-scale to big-scale projects, construction/program managers are an important part of the management team. The recent case studies of big construction projects demonstrate that using 4D and 5D BIM has significantly helped construction managers to streamline their program and site activities.

Let’s scrutinize the ways in which BIM 5D Cost estimation is bringing certainty to the construction industry and 5D BIM benefits:

1 – Expecting Better Cost Forecasts from the Project Team

Hiring construction managers is not enough. Ensuring that the construction managers are maintaining a good balance between cost, time and quality is critical. Using 5D BIM modeling, project managers can take off precise quantities of materials and hence develop better cost forecasts before investing in materials and contractors.

2 – Competitive Advantage When Bidding using BIM 5D Cost Estimation

Cost managers can extract quantities, analyze material costs, and more precisely calculate labor costs by incorporating cost data into the digital model. Due to their ability to give clients more accurate cost estimates, they have a competitive advantage when bidding.

3 – Brining Efficiency in the Quantity Surveying Process

The traditional ways of developing a bill of quantities (BOQ) take at least 1 month. The traditional way of developing BOQ requires a lot of manual effort in which the QS person has to scrutinize each of the details against the AutoCAD plan and verify the quantities. This also leads to errors and assumptions. 

Using BIM 5D cost planning or 5D modelling services brings efficiency to the process because the professionals are able to extract the precise quantities directly from the 3d model. This reduces the manual effort to up to 80%.

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How Cresire is contributing to BIM 5D Cost Estimation in the AEC industry

We offer 5D BIM solutions from planning to execution of projects in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries.  We partner with AEC companies across the globe to provide them with a backend for production. 

Our services help customers to reduce overhead costs, access specialized expertise, improve efficiency and reduce production costs (up to 40%).

Depending on the project requirement, we strategize our BIM Services. For cost estimation, our services typically include:

  • BIM 5D Cost Estimation 
  • 5D Quantity takeoffs
  • BIM 5D Cost modeling
  • 5D Modelling 
  • 5D Cost Planning

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