Why AEC Companies Invest in Scan to BIM Modeling Services In UAE

Discover why AEC companies are choosing to invest in Scan to BIM Modeling Services in UAE. Read in detail here.


Do you know Why AEC Companies Invest in Scan to BIM Modeling Services In UAE?

Scan to BIM Modeling is gaining the attention of construction and real estate companies in the UAE. The cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have grown tremendously in the past 15 years, especially in the real estate, infrastructure, business, and finance sectors.

The prime locations in Dubai such as Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina offer a Mix of Residential, Luxury Apartment, Commercial, and Leisure places. The extensive construction in the past 20 years included new construction and renovation.

The medium and large scaled projects in UAE leveraged building information modeling to facilitate design development and construction management. The use of Point Cloud to BIM or Scan to BIM Modeling allowed AEC professionals to capture precise as-built conditions, develop Revit models, facilitate coordination, and improve facilities management of a building.

Point cloud modeling gained popularity in UAE after the completion of the iconic skyscraper ‘Cayan Tower’ formerly known as Infinity Tower. 

The Cayan Tower is a 75-story residential building located in Dubai Marina. During the building of Cayan Tower, scan-to-BIM technology used to accurately record the as-built circumstances and transform them into a digital BIM model.

Laser scanning techniques scanned the current structure, capturing precise measurements and geometry. After processing and integrating the data into the BIM model, it facilitated better coordination, clash detection, and decision-making throughout the construction process.

The Dubai government actively promotes the use of BIM in the building sector. Initiatives such as the BIM mandates of the Dubai Municipality and the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy emphasize the importance of adopting BIM, specifically highlighting the inclusion of scan data in the BIM process.

Adoption of Scan to BIM Modeling Services on Notable Projects in UAE

1 – Museum of the Future

Scan-to-BIM technology has been used at the futuristic landmark The Museum of the Future, which is now being built in Dubai. The procedure entails scanning the existing building and using the information to produce a precise digital image for use in design and construction. 

The scanned data was processed and converted into a point cloud. The point cloud was used to assess the existing conditions of the structure. The point cloud data was then imported into the point cloud modeling software for developing a precise BIM model of the Museum of the Future.

2 – Dubai Metro Expansion

Scan-to-BIM modeling is being used in the continuing expansion of the Dubai Metro, which involves building additional lines and stations. Data on the existing infrastructure is collected using laser scanning techniques, enabling exact integration with the BIM models and assisting in collision identification and coordination.

3 – Dubai International Airport

One of the busiest airports in the world, Dubai International Airport, has used Point Cloud to BIM Modeling or Scan to BIM Modeling for a variety of tasks, including remodeling and extension projects. During the airport’s expansion and restoration projects, point cloud modeling services were used. 

Accurate data is added to the BIM model by scanning the as-built circumstances and capturing them. This makes it easier for architects, engineers, and contractors to evaluate the current building, plan modifications, and organize design revisions.

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3 Critical Reasons for Investing in Scan to BIM modeling Services in UAE Market

The UAE construction and BIM market is quite different as compared with UK and USA. The USA and the UK have well-established industry standards, protocols, and guidelines for BIM implementation.

The UAE is currently developing its own standards and guidelines, but industry practices may still play a role. The USA and the UK have implemented government mandates and standards that encourage or require the usage of BIM in public projects.

For instance, the Level 2 BIM mandate was implemented in the UK in 2016. Although BIM and point cloud BIM is receiving more attention in the UAE, there is not yet a formal national mandate for their adoption.

Considering the present BIM Market in UAE, let’s scrutinize the critical reasons why AEC professionals must invest in scan to BIM services:

1 – Design and Construction Analysis

The building conditions are thoroughly and precisely reviewed using scan to BIM services. Using point cloud data, professionals can design features that would fit into the current structure. Additionally, it aided in construction analysis, enabling a better comprehension of potential snags and problems during the building stage.

2 – BIM Integration  

Using point cloud data, AEC professionals develop BIM models commonly in Revit software. These Revit models integrate critical design and lifecycle information for superior design development and facilities management. The BIM models serve as a comprehensive tool, enabling their use for 5D cost estimation and 4D simulation.

3 – Design Coordination 

One of the most important features of Scan to BIM Modeling is clash detection and resolution. In the UAE market, construction companies often hire third-party architects, engineers, and design consultants. This sometimes leads to discrepancies in coordinates and design locations.

Developing BIM models using point cloud data allows professionals to conduct clash detection in software such as Navisworks. The clash reports demonstrate the precise location of the clashing elements and hence provide a great opportunity to resolve the clashes between design elements before the project goes on-site.

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