3 Trends of Architectural Visualization for Real Estate in USA


Architectural Visualization or 3D Architectural Rendering is a must for real estate companies in USA. Let’s take a look at the recent trends and developments taking place in the industry.

Challenges faced by Real estate company's customers

1) Difficulty in understanding the architect’s design intent 

Real-estate customers must look through many aspects before deciding on a property. The location and budget, among many other factors, are enough to keep the customer bothered. However, after deciding on a location comes the tedious part of the design. 

Often there is a lack of understanding between the customers and the architect. It can arise due to the differing imagery of a space in the mind’s of the customer and the architect. 

The architect may suggest a design concept intending to solve challenges, but it might not sit well with the client with a predefined aesthetic in mind without 3D architectural visualization.

2) Challenges in deciding the suitable materials for home 

Choosing the suitable material is crucial to creating an efficient environment for any homeowner. With the ever-increasing options in the market, and the various quality grades and finishes available, choosing what suits best can be challenging. 

It isn’t easy to imagine how a material would look in the final product by only looking through the samples.

3 trends for better Architectural visualization in the Industry

1) Realistic Rendering; Exterior And Interior Architectural Visualization

Real estate renderings are a great way to communicate the design concept to the clients. 

Not everyone is familiar with technical drawings used in the AEC industry. 3D Architectural Rendering helps the clients understand the design and ensure everyone is on the same page.

A powerful marketing tool, interior renders are crucial in the sales stage of any property.

Architectural visualisation is a must for real estate companies in the United States. Let’s take a look at the recent trends and developments taking place in the industry.
2) Walkthroughs for better architectural visualization

Walkthroughs have become a significant part of any sales pitch in the real estate industry. 3d visualization walkthroughs help clients understand a project, the proportions, the aesthetics and the layout before it is even built. 

The photo-realistic walkthroughs allow a potential buyer to have a 360-degree experience of a project at different times of the day and form an emotional connection with it. This helps reduce the pressure on the agents, and the design comes to light in its full glory.

With many software in the market that help create stunning visualizations, walkthroughs have become non-negotiable in the real estate world. 

Many companies provide Architectural Visualization Services that equip architecture firms with this valuable tool. A powerful storytelling technique that has a persuasive impact, this 3d visualization technique is a must to entertain investors and clients.

3) Virtual reality & Augmented reality for Architectural visualization

3D Architectural Visualization in architecture is getting more advanced by the day. 

New technology and advanced methods are being implemented daily to create simulations of spaces very close to reality. 

Augmented reality is the future of 3d architectural visualizations. Augmented reality allows the designer to juxtapose a 3d digital model over a physical space.

Real-estate customers will soon be able to interact in real-time 3d environments. It will provide an immersive experience wherein the user can walk around on an empty plot of land but have an understanding of the completed project.

Virtual reality is gaining popularity in architectural visualization because it also helps in analysing a design. Construction issues can be recognized before the work even begins, and corrections can be made during the early stages itself.

Benefits of using advanced visualization techniques


Advanced visualization techniques help bring a designer’s vision to life. When dealing with foreign clients, it transcends the language barrier.

A 3d architectural rendering of how a project will look in the final stage helps make construction easier in the early stages. Clients can have a more smooth and cost-efficient workflow as mistakes can be rectified before the project commences.

Advanced visualization can be instrumental in helping companies close deals and promote themselves on a global level. Large-scale projects can be marketed using photo-realistic renders and interactive walkthroughs.

In an industry where competition escalates, architectural visualization of projects sets a quality benchmark for any firm.

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