3D Hotel Rendering of a Giant Hotel Chain

Project Case Study

Client Description: Leading hotel chain in the world

Project Description: G+9 hotel building

Industry & Sector: Hospitality

Inception Documentation: 2D Architectural plans & ArchiCAD models

Project Stage: Construction Stage

Deliverables: Realistic 3D exterior hotel rendering

Purposes of Exterior Render: Advertising & Marketing

Project Cycle of 3D Exterior Hotel Rendering Project With the Client

Cresire’s team conducted a site visit while the project was in the construction stage. The 5 floors were constructed while the hotel building’s owner required realistic exterior renders for advertising and marketing purposes.


Site Visit

We visited the construction site to assess the structure and the surrounding site.  We clicked the site images and gathered architectural and interior designs for our review. Cresire received the detailed architectural plans and elevation along with the material & texture specifications.  The details allowed us to boost the 3D Exterior Hotel Rendering process.


Understanding the Project Intent

The client required a realistic 3D exterior hotel rendering of the hotel. He was specific with the needs and provided the right inputs for Exterior Rendering.  Cresire arranged a meeting with the design team to understand the design in detail.


Conceptual 3D Model

After the project requirements were delivered by the client, Cresire developed a Conceptual 3D Model of the hotel.  We, together with the client took some critical façade design decisions using the conceptual exterior model. The client requested a few revisions.


Final 3D Exterior Hotel Rendering

They provided the shortlisted materials, textures, and color preferences.  We used 3DsMax software for creating the final exterior renders, which provided a realistic look and feel of the hotel building.


Quality Assessment

We conduct a quality check before delivering the final exterior renders to the client.  The hotel building renders were revised and checked against the 2D plans, elevation, and material specifications. We shared the final deliverables with the client.

Values We Added to the Project through 3D Exterior Hotel Rendering



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