Benefits of Incorporate MEP BIM Modeling Services in Design

Read Benefits of Incorporating MEP BIM Modeling Services in design process and how to adopt, and advantages. Know in detail here.

Understanding MEP BIM Modeling Services

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. MEP BIM Modeling is creating 2D modeling using software such as Revit.

This means that all the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing equipment 2D designs use as a reference for creating MEP 2D Models.


Depending upon the design stage of a project and the level of detailing, MEP 2D models populate with information. 

MEP BIM Services are implemented on a project either by an internal in-house team of a construction company. Or they are outsourced to a BIM Consulting Company.

Steps For Adopting MEP BIM Modeling Services

1 - Gathering 2D Designs or Point Cloud Data for MEP BIM Modeling

It is essential to have MEP 2D designs or point cloud data of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components. These 2D MEP designs and point cloud data contain the necessary specifications and dimensions essential for 2D modeling. 

If you are willing to adopt MEP BIM Services then you must ask for these drawings from your engineer. MEP 2D drawings can be in DWG, PDF, or PNG formats.

2 - Specifying Level of Development (LOD) for MEP BIM Modeling

As per the project’s design stage, you must check the ‘level of detailing’ required for MEP 2D modeling with the project stakeholders. 

No wonder if the project is at a conceptual design stage then the MEP 2D models will contain basic detailing. However, if the project is at a detailed design stage and MEP equipment details such as; dimensions, company, warranty, and maintenance details, etc. are specified. 

Then you can expect an As-built MEP 2D model containing the lifecycle details of the MEP equipment. 

3 - Choosing Software for MEP BIM Modeling

There is multiple software available for MEP BIM Modeling. Out of all of them, Revit is one of the most effective software for MEP BIM Services. 

Due to the high competition in the market for choosing software for MEP 2D Modeling, the pricing for software might get quite expensive for one-time users. 

Revit offers a great interface and pre-defined MEP elements that can be directly added to the 2D models. Using Revit for MEP Modeling improves the efficiency of the design process.

4 - Going In-House or Partnering with MEP BIM Services Provider

If you don’t have frequent requirements for MEP BIM Modeling then it is advisable to outsource your requirements to MEP BIM Services providers. Many of the BIM Consulting or Outsourcing companies like CRESIRE are based in countries like India. 

These consulting companies offer competitive pricing for MEP BIM Modeling and help clients reduce up to 45% of their production costs. 

It is imperative to decide whether you wish you outsource or go in-house. Going in-house will incur additional costs of software licensing and resource hiring & training. If you have enough budget and resources then you can go in-house. 

Otherwise outsourcing or partnering with Building Information Modeling – BIM Consultants is the best option.

5 - Develop MEP BIM Models as Per the Required Level of Detail

The last step is developing MEP Revit Models. One must make sure to assign an engineer or BIM Consultant experienced with Revit software. 

Revit Modeling requires advanced skills to maintain the precision and accuracy of BIM models. 

Advantages of MEP BIM Modeling Services

1 - Visualizing Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Details in the 2D Environment

Visualizing MEP BIM Models in a three-dimensional environment helps project stakeholders take informed design decisions. 

These 2D Revit models are developed in architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines. Hence promoting superior visualization and avoiding potential design risks. 

2 - Promoting Collaboration between Project Stakeholders

Using MEP BIM Services help engineers collaborate with structural and architectural team. 

All these teams develop Revit models that are well-coordinated and collaborated with each other. This helps project managers spot potential clashes between architectural, structural, and MEP design elements. 

3 - Better Time and Cost-Forecasts using MEP BIM Modeling

2D MEP BIM Modeling serves as a base for 4D Simulation and 5D Cost Estimation. Revit allows integration of cost-related information to MEP design equipment. 

Both 4D Sequencing and 5D Cost Estimation allow the project stakeholders to set a realistic timeline for construction activities and estimate precise cost estimates.

5D BIM Cost Estimation is one of the most latest and effective ways for cost estimation. 

4 - Eliminating Potential Design Errors and Risks

MEP BIM Models are superimposed with architectural and structural Revit models in software such as Navisworks. 

Navisworks is an advanced software, offering a user-interactive interface for construction sequencing and clash detection. Users can set the tolerance level while conducting clash detection between MEP and other design elements. This tolerance level is important to decide whether a clash is a ‘hard clash’ or a ‘soft clash’. 

A detailed report of clashes can be generated and shared with the project stakeholders to identify and eliminate design errors before construction, This saves a lot of time and redesigning or rebuilding costs if these clashes are identified during the construction process. 

Why outsource MEP BIM Services to Cresire?

Cresire is a BIM Consulting Company offering services to clients around the world. Our BIM services typically include MEP BIM Modeling, MEP 2D Modeling, Structural & architectural BIM Services, Clash Detection, Revit family creation, 4D Simulation, 5D Cost Estimation, and 6D Facilities Management. 

We, at Cresire, have expert engineers and architects with diverse experience in software such as Revit and Navisworks. 

We offer cost-effective BIM solutions, helping clients reduce up to 40% of their production costs as compared to the local prices in the countries such as in USA and UK

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