Leveraging Revit Family Creation Services for BIM Process

Read Top 5 Reasons for Using Revit Family Creation Services for BIM Process in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Worldwide.


Revit Family Creation Services are quite useful for customizing design elements for building information modeling purposes.

Revit software offers a great interface and tools for customizing architectural, structural and MEP design components and using them for 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D BIM. There are different types of Revit Families required for different types of architectural and engineering projects.

This post discusses the uses and advantages of using Revit Family Creation Services for building information modeling and design process.

Types of Different Revit Families

Revit families are typically created for architectural, MEP and Structural components, especially when there are complex design elements that Revit does not offer in its library. There elements typically include walls, furniture, columns, beams, duct, HVAC, piping, electrical equipment etc.

Mentioned below are some Revit Families that Construction Professionals typically develop for design and BIM purposes:

1. Revit Door Family

Many door manufacturers have complex door designs that they wish to create and integrate into their Revit or BIM models. Often these door manufacturers do not have inhouse Revit capabilities and outsource their requirements to revit family creation companies. 

2. Revit Window Family

In order to construct and incorporate complex window designs into their Revit or BIM models, many window manufacturers have complex window designs in mind. These door manufacturers frequently outsource their requirements to firms that specialise in creating Revit families since they lack internal Revit capability.

3. Revit Furniture Family

Furniture Revit family creation is one of the most common BIM family creation services because of the complex and customized design ideas from the interior designer. Revit offers the perfect tools for developing Revit Furniture Families for inserting them inside a residential, commercial etc. BIM models.

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4. Revit Lighting Family

Often lighting manufacturing or installing companies are requested to create Revit lighting families by their main contractor especially for 5D cost estimation and 6D facilities management services. In this case partnering with a BIM services provider is the best suitable solution for the lighting manufacturers and lighting installation companies.

Tools for Revit Family Creation Services

Although Revit is the most popular choice for creating families, most of the time lighting, furniture, and interior designing companies share the design in AutoCAD or PDF format. AutoCAD is used to understand the design in 2D before converting it to a 3D usable Revit family.

Advantages of using Revit family Creation Services

1. Superior Visualization of Products and Equipment

Revit family creation is superior to analyzing the equipment and product in a three-dimensional environment. Many construction companies use these to stipulate the impact of the equipment/product design in an interior space before freezing the final design.

2. Better quantity survey and cost estimation

Revit family creation is superior to analyzing the equipment and product in a three-dimensional environment. Many construction companies use these to stipulate the impact of the equipment/product design in an interior space before freezing the final design.

3. Effective Facilities and Lifecycle Management though Revit Family Creation

Developing Revit families and integrating them into the BIM models help the facilities managers keep a record of minute life cycle details for potential future renovations, repairs, and management. Rivets software’s interface allows you to add critical information such as manufacturer’s name, warranty period, equipment ID, location, etc., which is helpful for future renovation, repairs, and maintenance.

4. Data-Rich Models for Facility Management

In the modern AEC, long-term built environment management precedes the design and construction stages. Revit families provide vital information about each component and make it possible to create models that are rich in data. This information is crucial for facility management since it enables better repair, maintenance, and life cycle analyses of buildings.

5. Compliance with International Standards

Working on international projects often requires adhering to many rules and laws. International construction codes, standards, and regulations can be readily complied with by using Revit family development services. This guarantees that designs fulfill all relevant safety and regulatory criteria and are creative.

6. Enhanced Collaboration Across Global Teams

AEC projects sometimes require cooperation amongst teams based in different parts of the world in this age of globalization. Because of its cloud-based collaboration features, Revit families provide real-time communication and coordination amongst international groups. As a result, the project delivery process is more coherent, workflows are more efficient, and communication obstacles are decreased.

Why Outsource Revit Family Creation Services

If you don’t have internal resources, it is recommended to outsource Revit family creation to a qualified service provider. Advanced software and engineering abilities are needed for Revit families. Learning these software skills takes a lot of effort and money. The main benefits of outsourcing Scan to BIM Services are covered in the following section:

  • Avoiding cost of purchasing expensive software for creating one-time revit families 
  • Avoiding the cost and hassle of hiring and training an engineer with Revit software 
  • Expecting better turnaround time and ETAs from revit family creation service providers
  • Leveraging the competitive pricing offered by family creation consultants based in countries such as India


Revit Family Creation Services are quite common for lighting, equipment, furniture manufacturing and MEP companies. Using Revit family creation services allow the project stakeholders to visualize the minute design details and estimate better cost and lifecycle forecasts.

It is advisable to outsource Revit Family Creation Services to third parties if you don’t use them quite often to avoid unnecessary additional costs for software licensing and hiring and training resources. Many Revit Families Consultants like CRESIRE is  based in India that help the project stakeholders based in USA, Europe to leverage competitive pricing for developing revit families. 

Based in the USA, Canada, UK or Europe? Partner with CRESIRE for Revit Family Creation Services

Cresire, a renowned BIM consulting company, offers expertise and advantages that can significantly benefit your business—offering Revit family creation services to architectural, engineering, manufacturing, furniture and construction companies around the globe.

First and foremost, Cheshire boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit. Their in-depth knowledge of industry standards and best practices ensures the creation of precise and functional Revit families tailored to your specific project needs.

Furthermore, Cresire is committed to delivering high-quality services with a strong emphasis on accuracy and attention to detail. Their commitment to excellence guarantees that the Revit families created are error-free and optimized for efficient project management.

Cresire also stays updated with the latest advancements in BIM technology, which is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving construction and design landscape. By partnering with Cresire, your company gains access to cutting-edge BIM solutions, helping you stay competitive.

Finally, Cresire’s globally diverse client portfolio demonstrates its ability to adapt to a wide range of project requirements, making it a reliable partner for USA, UK, and European companies seeking top-tier Revit family creation services. In summary, Cresire offers a compelling package of expertise, quality, innovation, and adaptability, making them the ideal choice for companies needing BIM support.

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