PDF to CAD Conversion for a German Space Management Company

Case Study

Project Case Study

Client Description: Space management company based in Munich, Germany

Business Requirements: PDF to AutoCAD conversion, Area calculation

Purpose of the CAD Output: Our client required the AutoCAD drawings for renovation of old buildings and planning the area more effectively

Challenges in PDF to CAD Conversion Services

Our Approach for PDF to CAD Conversion

Cresire’s team conducted a site visit while the project was in the construction stage. The 5 floors were constructed while the hotel building’s owner required realistic exterior renders for advertising and marketing purposes.

Step 1

Setup of a video call with the designers of the client

Step 2

Analysing architectural and interior drawings in-depth

Step 3

Recognising the requirements for pdf to cad conversion and quality of files

Step 4

Assessing the input data and providing the quote and turnaround time for services

Step 5

Developing the first draft of AutoCAD file and sharing with the client for review

Step 6

Making changes to the design in response to suggestions and comments from the client

Step 7

Quality check and assessment of the AutoCAD files

Step 8

Delivering the output files to the client

Value Added through Exterior 3D Rendering of House Plans





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