BIM Consulting on 15000 SQM Mixed Development in UAE

Case Study

Project Overview

Location: UAE 

Area: 15000 sqm 

Requirement: BIM Consulting 

Discipline: Architectural, Structural, MEP

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Project Description

The industrial project in UAE, presented unique complexities that demanded innovative solutions. CRESIRE undertook the challenge with utmost dedication and expertise, delivering outstanding results within the stipulated timeframe.

The mixed development, covering 15,000 sqm, comprised various components:

  • Factory: Mixed RCC and steel structure development
  • Staff Accommodation: A well-designed living space accommodation for staff.
  • Commercial Building: A well-planned office spaces and commercial units.
  • Parking Area: A strategically designed parking facility
  • Utility Section: An integrated utility area
  • Water Tank: A robust water storage facility to meet the project’s water supply demands

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Services Description

At CRESIRE, we offer a range of cutting-edge services that leverage the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to streamline project workflows, enhance collaboration, and optimize outcomes. Our BIM consulting services included:

3D BIM Modeling

We developed LOD 400 Revit models in architectural, structural and MEP details. The structural models included the complex steel and reinforcement detailing. While the MEP models included the trenching and complex equipment detailing.

5D Cost Estimation

Leveraging 5D BIM Modeling, we integrate cost data with the 3D model to generate reliable cost estimates throughout the project lifecycle. Our 5D Cost Estimation services enable stakeholders to short-list contractor, optimize resource allocation, and prevent cost overruns.

Shop Drawings in Architectural, Structural, and MEP Disciplines

Our team of skilled professionals ensured that every aspect of the project is meticulously documented, including architectural components, structural elements, and intricate MEP systems. These shop drawings serve as a vital reference for contractors, fabricators, and other stakeholders, promoting seamless coordination and efficient construction.

Values Added By Cresire Using BIM Consulting​

Cresire’s BIM Consulting Services brought significant value to the industrial project in UAE. Our expertise enabled us to enhance collaboration, improve project efficiency, and deliver superior outcomes. 

Here are the key values we added through our BIM consulting services:

Project Challenges

Key Takeaways from CRESIRE

What is BIM consulting, and why is it important in UAE?

BIM consulting involves the expertise of professionals who assist organizations in adopting and implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes and technologies. BIM is crucial in the UAE due to its role in enhancing construction efficiency, reducing errors, improving collaboration, and enabling better facility management throughout the lifecycle of a project.

What Services do BIM consultants provide in UAE?

BIM consultants in the UAE offer a range of services, including BIM implementation planning, training and support, BIM software selection, clash detection and coordination, BIM model auditing, and project-specific BIM standards development. 

They assist clients in integrating BIM into their workflows, optimizing project coordination, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

How can BIM Consulting Services benefit construction projects in UAE?

BIM consulting brings numerous benefits to construction projects in the UAE. It enables better project visualization, facilitates effective design coordination, minimizes clashes and rework, enhances communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, improves construction sequencing and scheduling, enables accurate cost estimation, and supports efficient facility management post-construction.

These benefits ultimately lead to cost savings, reduced project delays, improved quality, and enhanced project outcomes.

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