3 Reasons GSL Can Improve Asset Maintenance and Operation

Do you know the top 3 reasons why GSL can improve Asset Maintenance and Operation? For detailed information, read this blog carefully.

Advancements in virtual technologies have greatly smoothened the design and construction processes. Although construction professionals are extensively adopting BIM to meet their pre-construction and construction goals. Certainty around the future performance of an asset still demands more attention.


To ensure that use performance expectations of the project are met, Government Soft LandingsGSL has developed strategies to improve the handover process and subsequent operational performance.

The challenges in the communication of information between the Construction and the Facilities Maintenance team affect the overall operational performance of built assets.

Government Soft Landings – GSL promotes an early examination of operational requirements. But also encourages an early collaboration with operations/maintenance teams to ensure operational readiness and desired performance in use.

A structured and disciplined handover of the information about a built asset to the operations team by the design & construction team. They maintain the certainty of operational outcomes and provide valuable insights during facility planning.

Monitor Major Performance Outcomes

Monitoring performance outcomes is critical to making informed decisions for facility operators. Whether they are daily or part-time users, setting achievable performance goals is always advantageous to users’ productivity.

To ensure that asset does not have negative influences on the environment, a clear strategy to measure and control energy usage, water consumption, and waste management should maintain and check:

  • A rating system can be used to monitor energy, water, and waste management. Also, use to control influences on the environment.
  • The strategy for controlling consumption should be accessible and achievable for the operators and the users.
  • Post-operation evaluation – POE that captures the facility’s performance. It enables rapid learning to support systematic briefing for future projects should be developed.

Valuable Insights Of End-Users And Operational Team

The end-users and operators have higher chances of knowing the ‘real’ problems, which associates with the operations of an asset.

Early Involvement Of End-Users Brings Pragmatic Solutions For Operational Problems In Action:

  • Assessment of end-user experiences reduces the potential risks, which associated with the operational phase.
  • Then, the consequences can scrutinize while the information produced and approved.
  • The engagement of all project stakeholders ensures a comprehensive record of the facility’s construction and regulatory compliance.
  • Engaging the business management team allows capturing of lessons learned from the past project experiences.

Control Over Maintenance And Operational Costs

The operational and maintenance costs are relatively higher than the construction costs. Involving the facilities team during the beginning of a project has many positive impacts on the long-term cost of operation and maintenance of the facilities.

GSL Helps To Control Maintenance Costs By:

  • Identifying the need for an early and ongoing end-user engagement.
  • Evaluating the whole life cycle costs throughout the project and during use.
  • Helping in setting capital and operational cost as a GSL performance target.
  • Suggesting reasons to examine the variance in costs by comparing the operational costs against the operational goals.
  • Encouraging the use of grading systems to ensure qualitative analysis of performance.
  • Promoting operational goals use as a point of reference during the design of a facility and asset.
  • At CRESIRE our team has experience using structured processes such as GSL to facilitate effective handovers and to maximize the operational performance of a wide variety of built assets from schools to hospitals and residential developments.

To discuss how using BIM Modeling Services can facilitate good handovers and collaboration between construction and facilities management teams, email us at enquiry@cresireconsulting.com or visit www.cresireconsulting.com.

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