Devashish is a Co-Founder and Director at Cresire where he leads BIM services in India. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Sheffield and an MSc in Construction Project Management from The University of the West of England. 

It was during university days when Devashish was first introduced to Building Information Modeling and used it as a project management tool for a group project.


While previously working for an engineering consulting company, Devashish took a keen interest in Building Information modeling. He found gaps in services that were offered by BIM outsourcing companies in India. One of the gaps was that the outsourcing companies in India primarily focus on delivering one-time modeling solutions, which couldn’t ascertain the long-term benefits of BIM to many customers. 

Devashish brainstormed ideas for improving BIM outsourcing services experience with colleagues and friends. As a result, Cresire was formed to provide BIM services that give access to the incredible pool of Building Information Modelling skills available in India, delivered through the style of a diligent and relationship-focused UK boutique consultancy.

Devashish Is Keen On Planning Suitable BIM Strategies Using Virtual Technologies For Customers. He Has A Diverse Background In The Construction Industry.

Having worked for a small-sized project management company, a medium-sized architectural company, and a multi-national engineering consulting company, he has taken different roles as Assistant Project Manager, Planning Engineer, and Business Development Executive. 

At Cresire, he uses this experience to understand the requirements of the customers from different sectors and develop strategies to help customers experience the long-term benefits of BIM. in addition, He would like to see Building Information Modeling as a compulsory tool for project management, especially for Indian-based companies in which they have limited management and BIM capabilities.

At present, Devashish is developing BIM service packages and working on business development strategies. One of his consistent efforts is to identify the right prospects and help them with adopting suitable Building Information Modeling techniques in their design development and management process.

At an early age, Devashish founded a music organization called Jam Euphoric. Jam Euphoric is a sponsored music concert that promotes independent artists. Along with other bands, Devashish performs as a lead guitarist and vocalist. Another key point, the experience of organizing and managing masses influenced his entrepreneurial interest and motivated his desire to rise in his career by lifting others. 

At Cresire this means that at all times we respect the creativity and the hard work of our talented team members and grow as a company only when we deliver on our promises to customers.

In this lockdown, Devashish is living with his family in Jaipur, India. He enjoys listening to music and playing guitar. He likes traveling to cold places during scorching months in India.

Devashish would be happy to talk informally to anyone looking to outsource BIM services, or to companies that are looking to implement strategies for effective project management.

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