Read Top Reasons for Adopting 4D BIM Services on construction projects in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, and worldwide.

Adopting 4D BIM Services on construction projects is one of the most effective techniques for improving project & program management.

Construction Management is perhaps the most challenging and complex as compared to other construction activities. It involves external/internal stakeholder management, design coordination, risk management, cost management and construction law.

4d bim services for construction projects
Many Architectural, Engineering and Construction companies are using BIM for controlling construction cost and time overruns. Many of the big sized AEC companies have in-house 4D BIM capabilities. However, many medium and small sized AEC companies outsource 4d bim services to consultants based in India. Outsourcing 4d scheduling services to consultants based in India offer great flexibility and cost benefits.

4D construction or 4D BIM services streamline the construction activities and allow project managers to take informed decisions in a collaborative yet interactive digital workspace. Successful 4D BIM implementation involves usage of multiple software with advanced collaborative tools. It is therefore advisable to have well learned and experienced BIM professionals on team with an expertise in software such as; Revit & Navisworks.

Read this short article on 4d bim services. At the end of this read, you will be able to understand 4d scheduling, how to pick the right software and the benefits of adopting 4d bim services on construction projects.

Understanding 4D BIM Scheduling & Simulation

4D BIM is the 4th dimension of ‘time’ added to a 3D Architectural or Engineering model. The time data is typically in the form of Gant Chart and project programs.

“4d bim services is the process of integrating timeline of construction activities to the 3d models for prioritising construction activities on site and managing potential risks associated with the design”

See below the process of implementing 4d scheduling & simulation during design development:

4d bim services for construction in uk

Step 1- Developing Architectural & Engineering models before 4D scheduling

Developing BIM models in Architectural, Structural and MEP disciplines is the first and forecast step. These models are coordinated and federated to develop a central model. This central model is used for 4d scheduling integration.

Step 2- Exporting model in NWC format

Exporting models in NWC format allows easy import in Navisworks. Navisworks is one of the best tools for integrating 4d scheduling details to the 3d model.There are multiple applications of using Navisworks that we will discuss in the next section.

Step 3 - Adding time related information for 4d scheduling

You must collect the construction program Gantt Chart from the project manager. This construction schedule is defined to the 3d model in Navisworks. Each construction element is now being defined with a specific time duration for construction.

Step 4 - 4D Simulation for design development assessment

After each construction activity is defined to the 3d model. The users can ‘play’ a simulation that shows a virtual construction of site activities. This is a powerful tool for prioritising the construction activities and managing the site much before construction.

Which Software to use for 4D BIM Services?

Revit and Naviswoks are perhaps the most effective and widely used software for 4d scheduling services. With a wide range of applications, 4d bim services are quite commonly used for project and programme managers.

While Revit offers a great interface for developing 3d architectural, MEP and structural models. Navisworks provides a platform to assess the design risks and construction activities. Both software together, allow the construction professionals to effectively implement 4D BIM for eliminating potential risks for cost and time overruns.


4 Benefits of adopting 4D BIM Services on Construction Project

1- Providing Deeper Insight into Construction Activities

4D scheduling provides a virtual representation of the construction simulation in a digital environment. Helping project managers to closely review a particular construction activity. I.e, Erecting columns/beams, excavation, concreting etc.
4d bim services for construction projects in usa

2- Better Site Planning through 4D BIM services

Having the project timeline integration to the BIM model allows a comprehensive overview of the site and its operations. This allows project stakeholders to identify potential risks on site and take appropriate action before construction.

3- Controlling Construction Cost & Time overruns

Using 4d bim models for analysing the impact on the real world allows project managers to analyse construction risks involved during construction. This helps them to prioritise the construction activities to avoid redesigning and rebuilding. Hence reducing the chances for cost and time overruns.

4- Superior Program Management using 4d bim services

Programme managers can rely on 4d Scheduling for organising and revising their Gantt charts. Using advanced collaborative tools such as BIM 360, help project stakeholders to review the 4d BIM simulation in a shared workspace. Hence, allowing project stakeholders to share their suggestions and comments on the 4d bim model.

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