4 Benefits of Outsourcing AutoCAD Electrical Drawing Services

Top 4 Benefits of Outsourcing AutoCAD Electrical Drawing Services to increase productivity, reduce costs, and shorten project timelines.



Outsourcing AutoCAD Electrical Drawing Services to consulting firms has gradually been a standard practice in the AEC sector.

In order to increase productivity, reduce costs, and shorten project timelines, many Electrical Manufacturing, Engineering and Architecture firms today heavily rely on outsourcing.

The companies that focus solely on AutoCAD Electrical Drafting have qualified experts who can handle all of your drafting requirements and provide precise drawings in a short amount of time.

This article discusses the need for Drafting AutoCAD Electrical Drawings, and steps of outsourcing AutoCAD electrical drawing services. 

Why Do We Need AutoCAD Electrical Drawings?

Construction design is a complex process. The design process includes AutoCAD Drafting of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical design components. 

Mentioned below are some reasons for developing electrical cad drawings:

  • Using AutoCAD Electrical Drawings as a reference for mechanical & plumbing layout coordination 
  • Assessing the placement of electrical components in a Two-Dimensional design 
  • Using Electrical CAD Drawings for developing 3D Information Models i.e, BIM Models 
  • Using AutoCAD electrical drawings for decision-making between project stakeholders 
  • Using Electrical CAD Drawings editing design ideas in a two-dimensional workspace

Benefits of Outsourcing AutoCAD Electrical Drawings Services

The AEC Sector is beginning to rely on outsourcing and take advantage of it.

  • Saving money and time are two advantages of Outsourcing Electrical CAD Drafting.
  • For the specialists working in a company, Outsourcing CAD Drawings can free up time so they can concentrate on key business operations like client management. 
  • Professionals can concentrate on the design and development processes. Since the drafting work has been done, they can leave the electrical drawings to the CAD professionals.
  • By saving time, you are also saving resources, boosting your business’ profitability. Businesses benefit greatly from the resources saved by forgoing the necessary software and equipment investments.

Steps for Outsourcing AutoCAD Electrical Drawing Services

1. Collaborate with an Electrical CAD Drawing Services Provide

Finding a trustworthy partner is the first step in outsourcing Electrical CAD Drawing Services.

Compared to other nations, India has substantially lower hourly salaries. As a result, it is beneficial to outsource work to an Indian outsourcing company. They may offer you cost effective electrical cad drafting services to meet deadlines because they have qualified specialists.

However, it is important to look over the firm history and level of experience before selecting an agency. Look at the projects they have worked on as well as their client list from the past.

2 - Give Necessary Design Details to the Electrical CAD Services Provider

The next stage in outsourcing Electrical CAD Drafting is to supply all the project details after selecting an offshoring partner. 

To help the company produce drawings free of errors, you must supply complete data. Give them a complete understanding of the electrical CAD design objective and any pertinent details. 

Share your rough sketches if you are using them so the agency has a complete understanding. Before giving out important project details, remember to verify the company’s privacy policy to be sure your data is secure.

3. Set Project Timeline and Deadlines for AutoCAD Electrical Drawings

It’s time to define project management milestones once all the details have been discussed and everyone is on the same page regarding the work.

For work to be organized, a systematic strategy is required. Setting deadlines for electrical CAD services makes the process go more smoothly because everyone is aware of the expected results.

As a result, it will be possible for both businesses to adhere to a smooth workflow and stay on the same page about project deadlines. 

Therefore, talk about deadlines and pick a company that can change priorities to produce your AutoCAD Electrical Drawings on time.

4. Get the Best Rate from Electrical CAD Services Provider

Pricing negotiations are the last step after all schedules are finalized. The agencies can be informed of the client’s pre-planned budgets, and following extensive discussion, the final price can be determined.


The best thing about outsourcing electrical CAD drawings is that you may choose how many drawings you need in advance and just pay for those deliverables.

It is fairly simple to Outsource Electrical CAD Drawings Services, which will greatly simplify your work. You can convey your requirements and hire a knowledgeable team of professionals to handle your drafting needs in these four easy steps.

As was already mentioned, Outsourcing CAD Drawings is a terrific approach for your company to save time, and money, and generate income. More businesses are choosing to have their electrical designs outsourced.

Cresire is a building information modeling (BIM) consulting company. We offer architectural, structural & electrical drawing services, BIM, and 3D Visualization Services to AEC companies/professionals in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, and across the world to AEC companies around the globe. 

We have experienced architects, engineers, and CAD drafters, well versed with software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, etc. Cresire helps clients prepare high-quality electrical CAD drawings at a competitive price. 

Email us at enquiry@cresireconsulting.com

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