PDF to Electrical CAD Drawings Conversion for CRESIRE

Case Study

Client: Power Company (Confidential)

Country:  Canada

Services: PDF to Electrical CAD Drawings

Software: AutoCAD 2021

Project Overview

CRESIRE, a BIM consulting company, undertook an electrical CAD drawings project for a prominent power company based in Canada. The objective was to convert 16 intricate PDF Drawing to AutoCAD format, enhancing the accessibility and utility of the electrical CAD drawings.

The client wanted to outsource the PDF to electrical CAD drawing services mainly to reduce in-house resource pressure and save production time. Cresire not only helped clients augment in-house teams and saved time but also reduced production costs.

Strategies Employed

Advanced OCR Technology

CRESIRE leveraged state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to enhance text extraction accuracy from the PDFs. This facilitated a faster conversion process and ensured that textual annotations were faithfully translated.

Custom Symbol Libraries

CRESIRE developed custom symbol libraries tailored to the client’s specific requirements to address the challenge of symbol recognition and consistency. This approach ensured uniformity in symbol representation across all drawings, enhancing the overall clarity and coherence of the CAD output.

PDF to AutoCAD Conversion

CRESIRE’s expert engineer undertook the CAD conversion responsibility in AutoCAD 2021 software. The process required detailed drafting of the AutoCAD drawings using the pdf drawing following the custom symbol libraries and layering standards.

Quality Assurance Protocols

CRESIRE implemented a rigorous quality assurance process to validate the accuracy and completeness of the converted CAD drawings. This involved thoroughly reviewing each picture against the original PDF and promptly addressing any discrepancies to ensure data integrity.

Project Highlights

No. of Drawings: 16

Software: AutoCAD 2021

Turnaround: 10 Days

How CRESIRE Added Value To The Project

Enhanced Accessibility

The accessibility of the electrical CAD data was much improved by converting PDF designs into AutoCAD format. This promoted a more efficient workflow by enabling the engineering and design teams of the power firm to alter and analyze the drawings more effectively.

Time and Cost Savings

The customer experienced significant time and cost savings as a result of the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and optimized procedures. The conversion schedule was accelerated by CRESIRE’s automated methods without sacrificing the output’s quality.

Customized Solutions

The development of custom symbol libraries and tailored algorithms showcased CRESIRE’s commitment to delivering solutions that align with the unique needs of the client. This customization not only addressed specific challenges but also set a precedent for future collaborations.

Data Accuracy and Reliability

The meticulous quality assurance protocols implemented by CRESIRE ensured that the converted CAD drawings maintained a high level of accuracy and reliability. This instilled confidence in the client, assuring them of the integrity of the data for their critical electrical projects.

Challenges Faced

Complexity of PDFs

The PDF drawings provided by the client were complex, containing intricate electrical schematics, symbols, and annotations. Deciphering and accurately translating these details into a CAD format posed a significant challenge.

Scale and Dimensional Accuracy

Ensuring precise scaling and dimensional accuracy during the conversion process was critical. The original PDFs had varying scales and dimensions, requiring meticulous attention to detail to maintain accuracy in the AutoCAD output.

Symbol Recognition and Consistency

The diversity of electrical symbols used in the PDF drawings added complexity. Recognizing and maintaining consistency in symbol representation during the conversion process was a daunting task, given the potential for discrepancies in interpretation.

Data Integrity

It was crucial to maintain the integrity of the data. The overall dependability of the finished product could be impacted by inaccuracies in the electrical CAD drawings caused by the loss or incorrect interpretation of critical information throughout the conversion process.

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