Outsource Electrical CAD Drawing Services For Cost, Time Saving


Outsourcing cad drawings and Electrical CAD Drawing to consultancy firms has slowly become a common practice in the AEC industry.

Architecture and structural engineering companies are highly relying today on outsourcing as a way to improve efficiency and save costs and time.

The firms that work full time on this have skilled experts who take care of all your drafting needs and deliver accurate drawings in a short span of time.


Why is there a need to outsource?

The AEC industry is starting to rely on outsourcing and use it to their advantage. Of the many benefits of outsourcing CAD drafting, the major ones include saving costs and time. 

Outsourcing cad drawings can help save time for the professionals in a firm so they can focus on core business activities like client management. With drafting work taken care of, they can put their minds to the design and development processes and let CAD experts handle the drawings. 

Apart from that, by saving time, you are also saving resources and hence increasing profitability of your company. The resources saved from investing in required softwares and tools also help firms to a great extent.

4 Ways you can outsource electrical CAD Drawing services

1. Partner with an offshoring partner in India

The first step to outsource Electrical CAD Drawing Services is to partner with a reliable agency. 

In India, the per hour wages are much lower as compared to other countries. Hence, it is advantageous to outsource work to Indian partners who deliver precise work. 

With skilled experts, they can provide drafting services to help you meet deadlines. However, before choosing an agency, make sure to review the company history and experience level. 

Check out the projects they’ve been associated with and also the list of former clients.


2. Provide complete information

After choosing an offshoring partner, the next step to outsource Electrical CAD Drafting is to provide all the information about the project. You need to share comprehensive data so as to enable the firm to create error free drawings. Provide them with a crystal clear concept about the design intent and all related information. If you are working with rough sketches, share those so the agency can have a thorough idea. Keep in mind to review the company privacy policy before handing out crucial project details to ensure your data is in safe hands.

3. Set project management milestones

When all the details have been shared and both the parties are clear about the work, it’s time to set project management milestones. 

A systematic approach is necessary for orderly work. Deciding timeframes for tasks makes the whole process easier as everyone is aware of the deliverables. Therefore, both the firms can be on the same page about project deadlines and ensure a smooth workflow is followed. 

Hence, discuss timelines and choose an agency that can adjust their priorities to deliver your work on time.


4. Negotiate pricing

When all schedules are set, the last step is to negotiate pricing. 

The client can convey their pre-planned budgets to the agencies and after thorough discussion, the final pricing can be decided on. 

The best part about outsourcing is that you can decide on the number of drawings beforehand and only pay according to those deliverables.



It is very easy to outsource Electrical CAD Drawing and make your work easier tenfold. In these four simple steps, you can communicate your requirements and get a skilled team of experts to take care of your drafting needs.

As mentioned earlier, outsourcing cad drawings is a great way to save time, money and increase revenue for your firm. More and more companies are choosing to outsource electrical drawings today.

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