BIM Management of an Indoor Play Area

Case Study


The management of complex construction projects, such as indoor play areas, demands meticulous planning, coordination, and precise execution. 

BIM Management technology offers a comprehensive solution by integrating various aspects of the project lifecycle. This case study highlights the benefits of utilizing 3D BIM, 4D scheduling, 5d cost planning, shop drawings and 3D rendering in the successful management of an indoor play area project.

Service Description: LOD 400 Revit modeling, 4D Scheduling, 5D Cost Planning, Clash Detection, Shop Drawings, 3D Rendering 

Client Description: Edutainment Company in UAE 

Location: Dubai, UAE

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Project Overview

An indoor play area chain in UAE with a total area of 800 sqm. The project required Revit model development, 4D scheduling, BOQ generation, and shop drawings in Architectural, Structural, MEP, and Interior disciplines. 

The indoor play area project encompassed the design and construction of a dynamic recreational facility for children, featuring multiple play zones, interactive elements, and specialized equipment. The integration of BIM management enabled the project team to optimize the planning, scheduling, cost estimation, and coordination processes. 

The space also included complex Revit family creation of props and joinery elements of the indoor playground. Cresire assisted the client with BIM management services for 2 months and helped them identify major clashes and develop precise BOQ and shop drawings.

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