Revit Modeling on an Industrial Project

Case Study

Project Description

Client: Manufacturing Company

Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Project:  Mixed Development of a Factory, an Office Building, and a Residential Tower

Scope: 3D Revit Modeling and Cost Estimation

Inclusion: Architectural, Structural, and MEP Revit models, Quantity Takeoff, and BOQ Generation

United States

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United Kingdom

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Software: Revit & Navisworks 2023 

Deliverables: 3D Revit Models, and BOQ


  • The client was a first-time BIM user
  • Multiple- Design changes

CRESIRE's Revit Modeling and Quantity Takeoff Approach: A Mixed-Development

CRESIRE’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) expertise shines through in its approach to this multifaceted project, encompassing a residential building, an office building, and a factory. Their meticulous Revit modeling and quantity takeoff process ensures accuracy, efficiency, and seamless collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

1 – Planning and Preparation

  • Gather Project Data: The first step involved acquiring all relevant architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) drawings, specifications, and material lists.
  • Establish Modeling Standards: CRESIRE defined clear guidelines for Revit families, naming conventions, and model organization to ensure consistency and clarity.
  • Coordinate with Stakeholders: Open communication with architects, engineers, and contractors was crucial for aligning expectations and avoiding rework

2 – 3D Revit Modeling

  • Separate Models for Each Discipline: CRESIRE creates individual Revit models for the architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines of the residential building, office building, and factory, facilitating independent editing and decision-making.
  • Detailed Component Creation: Walls, doors, windows, stairs, MEP equipment, and other building elements were meticulously modeled using appropriate Revit families and parameters.

3 – Quantity Takeoff

  • Automated Calculations: CRESIRE leverages Revit’s powerful tools to automatically extract quantities for materials like concrete, steel, bricks, electrical wiring, and plumbing pipes.
  • Custom Takeoff Reports: Depending on project requirements, CRESIRE generates customized reports for specific material types, floors, or building sections.

Benefits of CRESIRE's Approach

  • Reduced Errors: Revit’s parametric modeling minimized manual calculations and human errors, leading to more accurate quantity takeoffs.
  • Improved Collaboration: Shared Revit models fostered better communication and coordination between project teams, streamlining workflows and resolving conflicts early.
  • Efficient Cost Estimation: Accurate quantity takeoffs directly fed into Revit, resulted in more reliable budgets and informed decision-making.
  • Improved Sustainability: Precise material estimations minimized material waste and promoted sustainable construction practices.

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