Scan to BIM Conversion of Topography and Building

Case Study

Project Overview

At CRESIRE, we are committed to delivering excellence in Building Information Modeling (BIM) consulting services. 

Our recent project involving the conversion of topography and a multi-story building into a precise Revit model with 2D CAD layouts is a testament to our proficiency in Scan to BIM technology. 

In this case study, we delve into the details of this project, highlighting the value we added, the common challenges faced, and the exceptional results achieved.

  • Country: USA
  • Industry: Site Surveying
  • Service: Scan to BIM

Project Description

The project encompassed an area of 26,000 square feet, featuring a complex multi-story building and site modeling. 

Our primary objective was to transform the existing data into a highly accurate and comprehensive BIM model using point cloud to BIM modeling techniques.


To initiate the project, the client employed laser scanning technology to capture precise data from the topography and the building’s structure—this involved scanning the site and the exterior of the structure, capturing intricate details and dimensions.

Developing the Revit Model and 2D CAD Layouts

Data Processing and Revit Modeling

Once the scanning phase was completed, our team meticulously processed the captured data. This involved converting point cloud data into a Revit-compatible format. 

Our skilled modelers then began the task of creating a detailed BIM model of the building, incorporating all structural elements, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) components, and architectural details.

2D CAD Layouts

In addition to the 3D BIM Model, we generated high-quality 2D CAD layouts, ensuring that every floor plan, elevation, spot elevation, and section was accurate and aligned with industry standards. These layouts are invaluable for architects, engineers, and construction teams for their design and construction processes.

Values Added in the Scan to BIM Project

Effective Decision Making Amongst Stakeholders

One of the key values we added to this project was improved collaboration among all stakeholders. Our precise BIM model served as a central reference point for architects, engineers, and contractors, fostering better communication and reducing the likelihood of errors during construction.

Superior Site Planning

Using the Point Cloud to BIM a building and site model, the client was able to access and plan the redevelopment of the site more effectively. The CAD drawing extracted from the BIM model helped the client in annotating the critical details on site.

Data Accuracy

Our commitment to delivering highly accurate BIM models ensured that every measurement and detail was precise. This accuracy played a pivotal role in enhancing the project’s overall quality.

Common Challenges Faced

Data Cleanup

One of the challenges encountered in this project was the need for extensive data cleanup. Raw scan data often contains anomalies that require careful editing and refinement to ensure the accuracy of the BIM model.

Complex Geometry

The multi-story building featured intricate architectural elements and complex geometry. Modeling these accurately while maintaining performance efficiency presented its own set of challenges, which we successfully overcame through our expertise.

Coordination with Existing Structures

Integrating the new BIM model with existing structures and systems required meticulous planning and coordination. Our team ensured seamless integration to avoid clashes and conflicts during the construction phase.

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