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Easing the Coordination Process though Revit modeling

Revit Modeling Services is the process of creating 3D Architectural, Structural and MEP models using 2D layouts for effective decision making, Coordination and project management.

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We Maintain the Ideal Balance between Cost, Time, and Quality for Revit Modeling

Get a great price from us if you require a bulk production for Revit Modeling of the developed asset for a New Home, Commercial, Hospitality, Landscape, Stadium and Industrial projects.

By keeping in touch with you frequently, we can reduce turnaround times or ETAs while avoiding rework and informative misunderstandings during the Revit 3D modeling process.

Assigning 3D Revit Modeling artists to your project and having them work diligently to finish the deliverables before the deadline.


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Our Pragmatic Approach For Revit Modeling Services For Our Global Clients

Step 1 - Create Conceptual Plan & Elevation Designs for Revit Modeling

The initial and most important step is to put the concept on paper. Your architect will provide you with a conceptual layout, which you may use to decide the geometries, furniture, windows, doors, MEP and other elements.


Step 2 - Choose the Right Level Of Detail (LOD) for your Revit Model

LOD 200​

A basic model contatining general details. Elements are modelled with estimated amounts, size, shape, placement, and orientation in this general model.

Non-geometric data can also be attached to model elements.

LOD 300

The model is visually represented as a single unit. The parameters such as size, shape, quantity and orientation of the design components are defined in the model.

The non-graphical data is the building metadata. Material, fire resistance class, colour, cost, and manufacturer could all be associated to each component created in BIM software.

LOD 400

This is a fabrication model. The elements of LOD 400 model have precise geometry and parameters of buidling components in addition to the information integrated from LOD 300 model.

The information typically includes fabrication, assembly and detailing of design components.

LOD 500

LOD 500 is also know as As-Built model. This mode is typically used for operations, lifecycle and maintenance.

Non-geometric information such as warranty dates, manufacture details, bills etc. is added to modelled LOD 400 components. The dimensions, form, placement, quantity, and orientation are same as the actual construction.

Step 3 - Provide us with your 2D designs - we will do the rest!

We require the 2D designs essential for Revit Modeling. This could be architectural plans, mep designs and structural layouts. 

You must specify the discipline and level of detail (as shown in the previous step) for Revit Modeling. This is an important step as based on the 2D designs and LOD, we provide you a precise quote.


Step 4 - Developing conceptual Revit model for review and assessment - best stage for brainstorming, design revisions and feedback

We will use Revit for developing a rudimentary model based on the information provided and then share some still images for your input. 

We welcome your thoughts to help us confirm the geometry of the external model. This is the perfect opportunity to review and redesign any detail.

Step 5 - Delivering you the final Revit model within the agreed timeframe

We deliver you the Revit model within the agreed timeframe. If there are any revisions, then the timeline will be altered accordingly. If still you require any revisions or changes then please feel free to get in touch with our project manager directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Autodesk Revit is a kind of BIM (building information modeling) design software that is used in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. 

Revit, one of the most widely used BIM tools, provides 3D Modeling and documentation of structural, MEP, and architectural systems across the entire project lifecycle, from to completion. It goes beyond traditional 2D drawings.

Yes, Our BIM engineers develop a Architectural 3D Revit Model based on your provided 2D floorplans, elevations, details, and sections. We let you decide the disciplines i.e, Architectural, Structural & MEP for creating a 3D Revit model.

We provide Architectural Revit Modeling, Revit Structural Modeling, MEP Revit Modeling, Revit Family Creation, Interior Revit Modeling, Specialized Equipment Family Creation, Tailored REVIT Family Creation, etc.

– Affordable Architectural CAD Modeling Services

– 100% Information Security

– Advanced Infrastructure

– High-Quality Outcome

– Great customer support

– Experienced Team

– Economies of Scale

You can email us at If you are based in USA, you can call us at (+1) 760 514 0172 (USA) or if you’re based in India then call us at +91 63502 02061 or If you’re located in any other country then drop us an email or simply go to the contact page and fill up a form. We’ll get back to you in 2-4 hours.

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