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With a commitment to delivering our clients’ objectives, CRESIRE is a scan to bim company offering Scan to BIM Services in Texas and Nationwide. 

Whether it is Point Cloud to BIM Modeling or Point Cloud to CAD Conversion, we support stakeholders from various industries including surveyors, contractors, architects, engineers, and facilities managers.

Our eye for detail and advanced software skills enable us to develop precise Laser Scan to Revit models.

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Types of Scan to BIM Services in Texas CRESIRE Offers

We understand the diverse applications of Scan to BIM Services in Texas and the need to work collaboratively with project stakeholders especially if you are implementing BIM. We tailor our services in a manner that allows easy integration of BIM methodologies using 3D Scan to Revit models. Below are the services we offer:

Architectural Scan to BIM Services

This includes the development of an Architectural 3D model using Laser Scan to Revit model methodology. Depending on the area preference (exterior/interior) and level of detail (LOD 300-Asbuilu) we capture the design elements into the 3D model. The finished architectural Scan to BIM model typically contains walls, doors, windows, a staircase, and a roof.

Structural Point Cloud to BIM Services

This contains the skeleton of a building. The structural point cloud data for a building commonly contains columns, beams, and slabs. We capture the structural element's details into the Revit model using the 3d laser scans. The structural model becomes powerful for assessing the present conditions of a building and potential design risks.

MEP Point Cloud Modeling in Revit

Our MEP Scan to BIM Services in Texas encompasses the integration of various design elements including; HVAC, Piping, Cable Trays, Fire Fighting Pipes, and lighting points. We request clean and registered point cloud data with good visibility to capture the precise location and details of the design elements. As per the level of detail (LOD) and point cloud data clarity, the finished 3D Scan to Revit model contains details such as location, size and material type of the MEP design elements.

Topography 3D Laser Scan to BIM

A site Revit model developed from a laser scan typically contains accurate representations of buildings, terrain, and infrastructure. Using the scanned data, we develop detailed 3D models with precise building geometry and terrain, enabling accurate visualization, analysis, and design integration within Revit.

Our Scan to BIM Services Projects

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3D Scan to BIM Model for a Swiss Architectural Company
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Point Cloud Modeling on a Plant Engineering (MEP) Project
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Software We Use for 3D Laser Scan to BIM Services


Our Result-Driven Scan to BIM Services

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Our 3D Laser Scan to BIM Services in Texas

We provide Point Cloud Scan to BIM Services in Texas – TX to experts and businesses from all sectors and industries. 

With the help of our extensive services, clients may efficiently plan and manage their 3D Scan to BIM Modeling outsourcing costs.

Why Choose CRESIRE for 3D Laser Scan to BIM Services in Texas

We extend our service to professionals from diverse industries and sectors with a single aim to provide them with precise BIM models as per their LOD requirements and specifications. We add value to your projects by:

1. Capturing Complex Geometries in 3D Models

We use software such as Recap Pro and Revit to capture complex geometries that are difficult to record using conventional techniques. This Point Cloud Scan to BIM Modeling process is beneficial for intricate architectural designs, renovation &  retrofitting projects where accuracy is crucial.

2. Focusing on As-built Accuracy

We model precise measurements of existing structures that are captured using in-point cloud data.  Ensuring that as-built models depict the real work conditions and location of design elements of a building. 

This degree of specificity through point cloud to BIM modeling minimizes mistakes in the design and construction phases, resulting in more effective project outcomes and less expensive rework.

3. Saving 3D Scan to BIM Cost and Time

We help our clients benefit from the level of precision and expedited workflow. Point cloud modeling eliminates guesswork and develops precise Revit models, using which project stakeholders can extract exact quantities and develop precise bills of quantities.

4. Interdisciplinary Coordination

Using the converted 3D Laser Scan to Revit Services in Texas, we carry out thorough coordination between Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEPF) models in the BIM environment. Our coordination strategy optimizes clashes across different disciplines.

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