Philip is a director and co-founder at Cresire where he leads the UK BIM Services.

He is passionate about introducing Building Information Modelling into different types of businesses and developing new services as the construction industry’s use of Building Information Modelling evolves.

He holds degrees in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield. As well as Project Management from the University of the West of England.

Whilst previously working for a leading global consultancy, it became apparent to Philip that there was a gap in the market for a new company like Cresire.

Existing options for BIM companies in India focused on client and project throughput. It does not have the requisite focus on quality assurance and understanding its client’s project or business context.

Conversely solely UK based BIM Outsourcing Services are prohibitively expensive for many clients, and whilst their design focus may be excellent, the offering of BIM services which truly enhance the whole project, is less mature.

As a result, Cresire was formed to provide BIM services. They give access to the incredible pool of Building Information Modelling – BIM skills available in India. It can deliver through the style of a diligent and relationship-focused UK boutique consultancy.

His background is in programme and project management working across a variety of sectors and roles. This influences his approach to BIM services, where he believes that BIM modelling can serve not only good design but also effective management of a whole project or asset lifecycle.

Having led and advised on a wide range of construction, engineering and digital transformations projects, he believes that it is imperative to pair intelligent use of BIM modelling, information and data capture, with well thought out management and decision making processes.

This is a key area where he believes that Cresire can really add value to businesses; whether they season building users or at the start of their engagement with Building Information Modelling.

He would like to see Building Information Modelling – BIM strategy focusing on breaking down the separation between designers and management disciplines associated with all aspects of the business asset from investment all the way through to sales and Facilities Maintenance.

As Cresire expands, Philip is focusing on evolving new packaged BIM services available to clients to help inform their decision making and efficiency, whilst continuing to ensure that our other core BIM Outsourcing Services delivers with attention to detail; which achieves by working closely with clients to fully understand their wider goals and objectives.

Prior to entering the construction and consulting industries, Philip served as a Junior Officer in the Royal Lancers. Whilst his Army days are now long behind him this period instilled 2 key tenants of his professional approach.

The first is the essential discipline of leading and investing in your people. At Cresire this means ensuring that at all times our excellent team have motivated; equipped and informed to be able to delight clients on all engagements.

The second is the discipline of always having and communicating a plan. But embracing the creativity to work flexibly within it.

Philip took these two tenants into his subsequent career as a project management consultant. In which he led challenging projects, working closely with clients across residential development, healthcare, education, defence, and energy sectors.

Outside of work Philip lives in Bristol, UK with his partner Kate and their Spaniel Flash. He enjoys kitesurfing and sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter, including pioneering the south Wales ski-touring scene; due to the tricky 20/21 winter season.

Philip would be happy to talk informally to anyone looking to explore options for outsourcing Building Information Modelling services and 3D BIM Modelling Services, or to businesses who are interested in investigating how BIM might fit into their business to improve their efficiency, certainty of outcome and competitive edge.

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