Scan to CAD Conversion of a Warehouse

Case Study


Cresire assisted a 3D visualization company in converting scanned data into detailed CAD drawings. 

In this case study, we will explore how Cresire successfully undertook the Scan to CAD Conversion of a warehouse building project, providing valuable insights into the challenges faced and the solutions implemented.

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Service Description

Point Cloud to CAD Conversion is a specialized service that involves the production of AutoCAD drawings using laser-scanned data. It is offered by engineering firms like Cresire. 

The service aims to transform raw point cloud data captured through 3D laser scanning into precise and editable CAD models. 

The resulting CAD models can be used for various purposes, including design modifications, facility management, and future renovations.

The building chosen for the Scan to CAD Conversion project was a warehouse. The client required detailed CAD drawings for internal purpose. The scanning process involved using state-of-the-art laser scanning equipment to capture the building’s interior and exterior with high accuracy.

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How Cresire Added Value to the Scan to CAD Project

Cresire utilized its expertise and advanced technology to tackle the challenges of Scan to CAD Conversion effectively. Here’s how they added value to the project:

1. Skilled Point Cloud to CAD Drafting

Cresire’s team of experienced CAD drafters and engineers worked diligently to create detailed CAD models that faithfully represented the commercial building’s intricate geometric elements. They paid meticulous attention to capturing the design nuances and architectural features accurately.

2. Quality Assurance and Verification

To maintain the highest quality standards, Cresire implemented a robust quality assurance and verification process. The CAD models underwent thorough checks and revisions to ensure they met the client’s specifications and industry standards.

3. Timely Delivery

Despite the time constraints, Cresire’s efficient project management and workflow ensured that the Scan to CAD Conversion was completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Challenges in Point Cloud to AutoCAD Conversion

The Scan to CAD Conversion or Point cloud to cad conversion project presented several challenges that required expertise and technical prowess to overcome:

1. Complex Geometric Elements

The building featured intricate architectural details, such as curved surfaces, irregular shapes, and ornate patterns, which posed challenges in accurately representing them in the CAD models.

2. Time Constraints

The client had project timelines, necessitating a streamlined workflow to complete the Scan to CAD Conversion promptly.


In conclusion, Scan to CAD Conversion is a critical process that enables architects, engineers, and construction professionals to harness the power of 3D scanning technology for accurate and detailed CAD modeling. 

In the case study of the commercial building project, Cresire showcased its prowess in tackling complex challenges, delivering high-quality CAD models that met the client’s expectations. By leveraging advanced technology and skilled professionals, Cresire added significant value to the Scan to CAD project.

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

Scan to CAD Conversion is the process of converting 3D point cloud data obtained from laser scanning into precise and editable Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models.

Scan to CAD Conversion is used in architecture and construction for various purposes, including design modifications, facility management, and renovations.

Accurate CAD modeling is crucial for commercial building projects as it facilitates design modifications, space planning, and future renovations with precision and efficiency.

Cresire employs advanced software and algorithms for data processing and cleanup to manage large volumes of point cloud data effectively.

Cresire stands out due to its skilled CAD drafters, engineers, and efficient project management, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality CAD models tailored to the client’s needs.

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