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As-Built Drawing Services or As Built Services are the record drawings that provide comprehensive details and documentation of a completed construction project. 

As Built Services California are useful for property owners and construction companies for effectively managing the facilities of a building, planning renovations, and space management.

CRESIRE offers As Built BIM Modeling and As Built Drawing Services to AEC, Real Estate, and Construction companies in California, helping them save significant production costs and time.

What is the Purpose of As Built Drawing?

The goal of as-built drawing is to take a construction project’s final state once it is finally completed. As-Built drawing accurately show the actual dimensions, locations, and layouts of all project elements, including any modifications or variations from the original designs that occurred during construction.

As-built drawing are an important reference for future maintenance, renovation, and expansion projects, to make sure stakeholders have a clear knowledge of the built environment and support effective decision-making and project management.

How Can You Benefit from As Built Services California

Improved Maintenance and Repair

For improved maintenance, it is imperative to adopt As Built Services California. Having as built models and drawings allows facility managers to locate specific elements within the building at precise locations, assess their performance, and check the date for servicing.

Effective Renovations and Expansions

For renovating a building, having the design details in architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines is imperative. Using the accurate as built drawing produced or verified using the laser scans, allows architects and engineers to understand the existing building layout and potential limitations before starting design work. This leads to well-planned renovation and expansion of a building

Space Management and Planning

As-built drawing facilitate efficient space management within a building. They can be used to create floor plans for furniture placement or optimize space allocation for different activities.

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The Process of As Built Services California

1. Site Scanning and Measurements

Surveying professionals visit the completed construction site to take accurate measurements of the building and its components. They often utilize advanced technologies such as laser scanning, also known as point cloud scanning, for accurate measurements.

2. Verifying the Design Drawings

The laser-scanned data is often used to assess the present conditions of the building with the original design plans to identify any changes or modifications made during construction. As built services california offers a second chance for verifying and improving the building design.

3. Creating As built Drawing

The information gathered is utilized to produce intricate drawings that accurately depict the building’s finished state. 

Typical Examples of These Drawings Are:

  • Floor plans that show precise measurements of windows, doors, walls, and other components. 
  • Elevations display the wall heights on the outside and inside.
  • Sections providing structural component and roof pitch data.
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) drawings that show the positioning and design of building systems such as ventilation ducts, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring.

We offer As Built Services Around California

Partner with Cresire for Exceptional As Built Services

CRESIRE supports professionals and companies from diverse construction sectors and industries. Whether you require As built BIM models or As built drawings, we help you achieve your desired as built documentation for effective facilities management. 

Our team of BIM professionals takes a project-specific approach, helping you save significant production costs and time for as built services.

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients

As-built includes final construction details, changes made during the construction process, and deviations from the original plans, providing an accurate record of the completed project.

As-built drawings are typically prepared by architects, engineers, or contractors to document changes made during construction, ensuring accuracy in the final project record.

As-built drawings offer benefits such as documenting changes during construction, aiding in future renovations, ensuring accuracy for maintenance, and serving as a reference for compliance and insurance purposes.

Construction drawings outline initial plans, while as-built drawings reflect the actual construction, detailing changes made during the process for accurate project documentation and future reference.

An as build plan is a final blueprint reflecting actual construction, capturing changes made during the building process, essential for accurate documentation and future modifications.

The purpose of an as-built plan is to document the final construction details, including any changes made during the building process, ensuring an accurate record of the completed project for future reference and maintenance.

As-built refers to final plans reflecting actual construction, while as-constructed refers to plans drawn before construction starts. Both capture changes, but as-built reflects reality post-construction.

Electrical as-built drawings should include precise placements of outlets, fixtures, wiring paths, and any deviations from initial electrical plans, ensuring accurate documentation of the completed electrical system.

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