Structural BIM Modeling Case Study

Project Case Study

Customer Description: Property Owner

Industry & Sector: Building & Real Estate

Reference files: Architectural drawings, elevation details and material specifications

Final Output: 3D Revit Structure and Architectural model

Services: Architectural and Structural BIM Modeling


How we helped our client with Structural BIM Modeling

We reviewed the reference files provided by the client and created a conceptual architecture model

We used the conceptual architecture model to review the design details with our client and designers

We then used the conceptual architecture model for defining the structural element’s location

Once approved by the client, we prepared LOD Structural BIM model as the final deliverable


Values we added to the project


Get in touch with us for 3D Structural BIM Modeling

CRESIRE’s staff has extensive experience with architectural and structural modeling tools such as Revit, Sketchup and Tekla. Accepting large volume contracts allows our clients to reduce resource constraints and in-house production expenses for Structural BIM services. Our services help companies allocate internal resources to essential areas of work, which saves time.

We offer realistic Architectural and Structural BIM modeling services in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and many other 30+ countries.

If you’d like to learn more about how Architectural and Structural BIM services can help you save money and time on in-house design, please contact us :



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